Tuesday, February 28, 2006


What makes the world wonderful?

It's the satisfaction you get from food~!!


I have been possessed by the sweet god.

I love sweet food, and I want to eat them!!!



Wadever thats sweet!

Oh well, this is another bored entry, made to, yes, entertain myself.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Pandas, this is wad im gonna blog about.

I called myself "Panda" in jj. WHy? No reason, i Juz thought that its fun, and i should give a nickname to myself. =D. It's rather stupid, but IM ALWAYS stupid, so it doesnt matter. I thought that "since its the 1st 3 months, might as well be more daring and do something that u dun dare usually."

ANd so i does it. JJ likes to do something, or rather almost everywhere likes to do this, and that is "INTRODUCTION". i hate this ever since secondary school. ANd practically, JJ does that every day every lesson. So, I didnt really disclose my name, even though they know my name. I introduce myself as "Helow~~ Im Panda, u can call me Panda, u know that cute cute black-and-white bear? Yeah, that's my name =D "

I said it in chinese lesson, geography and juz choir. And that's that. By the time it was other subjects' tutorials, many days had past, and the teachers thought that there isn't any reasons for introduction since we know each other quite well.

So that's that.

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is how i looked like when im bored. yeah, really bored...

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is wad I do with my classmates/friends... =X OPPs, no no. My friends arent panda, one of them is JELLYFISH, the soft soft 99% or 90% made of water de. Yeah, that jellyfish. And one of them is jr. necki. =D

Image hosting by Photobucket

That's how i looked when im eating. =D. SO cuteeee!~~~ hahhahahahha]

*by the way, realise that the pics are getting bigger and bigger? juz a note. heh.

and some more webby that i forgot to copy down. SORRY! THOSE PICS ARENT MINE!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Image hosting by Photobucket


ITS COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE LONG-AWAITED PICTURE (ok, nobody is anticipating its picture, but oh~~) OF COOKIE, THE DOG WHICH MY MATERNAL COUSIN REARS!!!!!! AND ITS NOT THE PICTURE OF COOKIE WHO TAGS MY TAGBOARD or her boyfriend ( = X ).

I got this picture from my dear dear cousin, Yuxian , or call her ah xian also can lar.hahahahahahhaahha

i was so bored, so i thought of another idea to ask for her cookie's pic and blog about it, SINCE I AM BORED!!!!!! I think she was havin lesson or something when i asked her, since her status was "Busy" on msn.

Wadever!!!!! Nobody can stop me when im feeling BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE HOW MANY ENTRIES I HAVE DONE THIS MONTH? Juz this month? I was sooo busy (um, well lazy enough to be busy) doin other things for the previous months, that i had less than 10 posts a month!!

ANd look at now, HOW MANY POSTS DID I PUT THIS MONTH????? ok, not more than 10, but 8 not including thispost. BUT ITS A MIRACLE I EVER HAD SO MUCH TO POST ABOUT!!!

Life is definitely not interesting without computers, and i mean computers that can function efficiently!!!! not mine, in this case.

good gracious, ive ran out of things to type about now. when i thought of another, im goin to write it in my nxt post, so that i will have a break-record of 10 posts for this month!!!!!!!



i forgot to put these down in my previous post. that is, quite a number of people which i know put Multimedia & Animation as their 3rd choice...

listly: Dawn, Peiyuan and dexian(from my pri. school).


coz im destinied not to have any known friends in the same course.

and im developing a fear. that is, when i stepped into my classroom (is there a classroom?) or the tutorial blar blar, which is to say MY CLASS, I will see ALL MALES, including the teachers.

That is fuckingly UNBELIeVABLE!!! I dun wan to imagine what my reaction is, most likely i will FAINT at the scene, den drive me to hospital, den i will have to appeal to the court school and change my course, of which there HAS TO BE some course that is WILLING to accept me IF I WANTED TO CHANGE MY COURSE!

That is soooooo horrible, if my class is all guys. and im the onli girl. I mean, its not THAT bad. Except that, i have to mingle and communicate with them, and LEARNT THEIR WAYS OF LIFE. that is watch pornography, talk about sex, 4wd, CARS, AEROPLANES, soccer, SPORTS, WADEVER-THAT-I-HATE!!

really, thats my typical view of the males species. right, SOCCER, EEEEEWKS. and CARS!? i dun like cars, and ive already decided not to have a driving license, since i will most likely get somebody into accident if im a driver. and most of the times, guys get into accident ( =X, offending though but i apologise ). That's why i dun like the male species, they are more of PHYSICAL.

I dun mean to say the males are all body, EVERY HUMAN has body. I meant... OH FORGET IT, i dun mean anything. forget wad i say. Im sexist-talkin anyway. Dun listen or i mean see in this case, im bullshitting.



Jae Registration

It seems like a practice to do so. Almost all the "famous" people does it, like Dawn, dexian and well, i dunno. Yesh! I see those people as famous!!!!!! Why? I dunno why either, juz that mayb coz i dun speak to them often, i see them as famous! so peeps, u wan to be famous? juz dun speak to me. heh. ;D] yeah~~ follow the norm, and i will always be right!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahaha. XD

okay, here's my jae registration 12 choices:

1 - Multimedia & Animation (Ngee Ann Polytehcnic)
2 - New Media (Republic Polytechnic)
3 - Biomedical Science/Biomedical Laboratory Tech (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
4 - Digital Media Design (Nanyang Polytechnic)
5 - Digital Entertainment (Nantang Polytechnic)
6 - Biomedical Sciences (Republic Polytechnic)
7 - Biomedical Science (Singapore Polytechnic)
8 - Digital Media (Singapore Polytechnic)
9 - Games Design And Development (Singapore Polytechnic)
10 - Media And Communication (Singapore Polytechnic)
11 - Diploma In Game & Entertainment Technology (Temesek Polytechnic)
12 - Aerospace electronics (Singapore Polytechnic)

Almost all the choices are related to animation, except for biomedical science and AEROSPACE....

i didnt really choose aerospace lar. coz hor.... i chose some courses in TP, i think. BUt im not qualified to go in. i dunno why, but cannot. sho, i anyhow put in the code no. for the 12th choice. ANd it turns out to be aerospace. =0. Thats how i reacted. Aerospace... I dun even noe wad the hell is that. someting to do with aeroplane i think. hahahahhaa, i juz hope i can get into the 1st 11 choices, if not, i would have to pilot an aeroplane!!!!!!

oh yar, i think females arent allow to fly an aeroplane. FUCK THOSE AEROPLANE SEXIST!!!!! =X im a sexist too! but they are sexist in the career area, WHICH SUX!!!!! who says female cant fly aeroplane????? WHOOOOOOOOOOOO?????????????

Monday, February 20, 2006


Yup, Now im VERY VERY SURE. Yesh, This blog is really really 1 blog to ENTERTAIN MYSELF!!!!

Im bored, I still am. I read the past blog entries. There are not a lot of entries, but I went through them as well. To my horrow, I THINK MY ENTRIES ARE INTERESTING! And i was laughing at my stupidity in my entries!!!!!

Now i can see why ppl say im dramatic..... COZ I REALLY AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh gosh, this is something I learnt about myself. 1 "attributes" Ive learnt from my blog! who says blogs are stupid, and uneducational??? Ok, mayb no 1 said that, but im tryin to prove my point here...


do i make sense? i dun even know wad im saying... ~.~

ohhhhhhhh, im so bored!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~


Lesbian BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH YEAH~ Im too bored again to do anything, so im blogging. lalalala~~~

yesterday, while im boring away, i thought of an idea to kill time. SO, i mentioned it to my all-time-bored-buddy (newly found =D ) Tan Xin, "Sian~~~~~ Oh yar, honey, let's make a blog. A lesbian blog! We 2 do together. Hehehehe~ "

And so it begins the lesbian blog legacy. She introduced a new blogsite which, according to her is that she love the blogsite alot but has no time to make entry. So using my email, we make a new account and that's that.

The blogsite quite nice lar, got album site, introduction site, blogsite, guestbook site, wadever. They also offer skins, nice skins too, made by those very intelligent people. Unlike me, dun even know wad is java and html codey. =(

Here it is~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE SUPPORT THAT SITE!!!!!!! coz my honey, tan xin (girl), wans to make it popular, but i dunno why.
Thank you!!!!!!!!


Sunday, February 19, 2006


This thing happened quite some time ago, friday 10/2/2006 (i think). Results released. I was hesitating whether to report my results, or not. Seriously, mine was a total unexpected 1, and i dun wish to report my results as if i deserved it or to boast about how intelligent i am or watsoever.

I was expecting L1R5 to be in between 15-20, or mayb L1R4 to be 15-20. Whichever ones, i dun mind, as long as im qualified for the animation course in Rp (at that time). And so, I went school almost nonchalantly, since I knew that wad done is done, all i can do is to pray for a not-so-bad result.

That said it, the thing caught me by surprise.

LiR5 - 9
LiR4 - 7

English - B3
Combined Humanities - A2
Maths - A1
Amaths - A1
Biology - A1
Physics - A2
Chemistry - A2
CHinese - A1
Chinese Oral/Aural - Merit

And so, wtf? i got L1R5 to be less than 10??? Is that possible? My eyes must be playing tricks on me!

It aint possible that I, mi!!, got a B3 In ENGLISH!!~~~ Which I ALWAYS get a C6!!!!! HOw is that EVEN POSSIBLE? And i remember that I wrote a fucking bad essay for my Os. It was the worst of the worst. And it scraped off a B3? OMG~~ I was certain I would get C6 and below. ANd if im lucky a B4 would be great. B3??? Okay, frankly speaking, I was silently prayin for a B3. Yeah, right, B3... I know its greedy of me, but I was really hpoin for a B3... And yeah, I got 1!!!!!!! OMG, its hard not to believe in god... BUt, i wasnt really beliving in the 1st place, so im gonna get my retibution sooooooonnnnnn~~~~~~ T.T

Combined Humanities... An A... OH god. This subject was fading in my memory. If nobody has spoken about it, I would have thoroughly forgotten about it. Really. FOr geography elect. , I was hopin I could do quite well as I've normally did in school days. FOr social studies, I juz hope it wun pull down my Geography. In this case, since we dunno wad we got for geo and ss, I would have to say that I THINK my ss is not as good as normal ppl, but its passable for me. ANd i think my geo is in my normal standard. BUt all ive said was based on my prediction, not statistics.

Maths and Amaths. Well, I was thinkin around As for Maths. FOr Amaths... I dunno. Iwasnt thinkin anything. I was okay for anything, since I already gave up on AMaths. Im still wondering how to do the relative velocity questions... =(

Biology, I duno. A1 was abit too much for me. A2 or B3 would be fine. B4 and C5 C6 would landed mi in tears i supposed. BUt anyways, I was glad that I didnt fail this subj.

Physics and A2!!!!!!! I cant believe i even have an A!!!!!!! NOoooooooooooo!!! it really isnt possible. I was really desperate for the Physics. It was 1 subject that I couldnt really understand and know wad it is! and i got an AAA!!!!!!!! OMG~~~~~ God, i really thank you for your generousity in giving me so much As!

CHemistry. A2... Everyone said that chem was hard, difficult. A2, i got an A2~!!! Well, glad as I can be. No matters. They said Onli 1 person got an A1, and thats guan ming, our school top scholar!

Chinese, that happened so long ago. A1 is really great. Except tat oral, i hope i could undo wad ive said!!!

Conclusion: Ive got this marks by LUCK. Its not possible that Ive got it. Everybody thinks that, before the release of the results, that someone else is gonna be taking this instead of me. Me too. Teachers think that too. Ive had a mixed emotions, to be glad or to be sad about this? Ive got this unexpectedly, and those who should have this isnt getting it, and mi out of nowhere got it. Do i really deserve this?

No, really i dun think so. For your information, I studied last minute. In other words, the day before the exams, I K books. Flip onli the textbooks, since Ive no time to take out the notes and read them. To me, the notes didnt come in handy as it was supposed to be. Im wasting paper. And yet, i get this results??? Is that possible? I didnt even revise wad ive did after school, and never did i take out notes and read them, never!

I really dun understand. Mayb its because my other classmates didnt perform as well as they did normally. I dunno. I really dunno. I would gladly give some of my marks away if i could, since wad i wanted to go in poly didnt need that low of a mark, juz 17. i could give some away. I really dun deserve such kindness, since im the source of evil.

I hate myself!!!!!!!!


Cosplay looks fun and SWEATY. especially in the hot hot hot sun.

pictures available here

im linkin it, so someday i can go there and take out the pics and place it here... someday, yeah, when ican remember.

also, zhiqian intro mi something really funnty, and yet i couldnt hear the sound. goes back to the prob of the SPEAKER~~~~~ WHERE IS THE SOUND CARD??????

the Memoirs of a geisha MAN/GAY (eeeeeeks, but its funny) here !

Monday, February 13, 2006


Here I am, bloggin about the 4E1 Class Outing on 5/2/2006 (i think is this date) at Sentosa Siloso Beach.

They are building sandcastles, and if you notice, onli the GUYS are doing it. Girls are more rational, they know that building sandcastles are BORING, and u get TANNED more easily, and the weather is damn damn HOT. no way!
Image hosting by Photobucket
CLose-up view of the BUILDING of sandcastles in the AIR
Image hosting by Photobucket
Group Photo! WIth Bikini KaiEe buried in the sand in the middle~~~
Image hosting by Photobucket
2nd Group Photo. SAME PPL, maybe alittle bit of changed positions! Thanks to HuiXin, who help us take the group photo.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Ooooh... Girls and Topless Guys in the water~~ Ok, partly. See iris? Wearing all black at the back? She's SOOOO sexy! *drools* =X OH! and Guan MIng? Topless guy at the left. Our class genius. =D Lol, never imagine him in this clothing rite?
Image hosting by Photobucket
Front (onli showing head): ... No idea who he is...
Going clockwise: Jiawei - his splashin water to his neck, hot day, yeah~~
Sitting in a almost-lying position: Ridzwan: He's definitely lookin and laughin at something, but I dunno what.
Last: SHould be Weixian, if Im correct. PIc too small, eyes got myopia, hence dunno who =D]
ANyway, dun ogle at them coz they are guys and goin topless. =X
Image hosting by Photobucket
Grp Pic! From top left: HonLong, Iris, Clarice
Bottom Left: WenPey, ZhiXue
Image hosting by Photobucket
Good Friends Pic: Szeling (left), Jiali (Right)
Lookin closely, jiali's face is very red. SHe is already tanned by then. Damn! WHy do white skin ppl have such a skin characteristics!! I WAN WHITE SKIN!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Oh yeah~ Candid shot of ShuJun~ Taken by Mr Hon Long. SHe looked kinda depressed in this pic, isnt it. According to Hon LOng, this pic was taken after she played with PeiYuan. So something muz have happened..... hehehe =D
Image hosting by Photobucket
Iris looked damn cool in this pic, most probably coz of the sunglasses. This pic looks totally natural. By the way, these 2 looked so sexy in their swimsuits~~
Image hosting by Photobucket
OK, here COMES~~~~~~~
THE NARCISSIST KING! Hon LOng! (hey i edited the pic, quite an effort rite? )
Image hosting by Photobucket
Sunset Pic 1 (by the time they took this pic, mi sj and hy already went home. to be exact, sj and hy were bathin and i was waiting for them at coffee bean look at the sunset too)
Image hosting by Photobucket
Grp pic 2! Sunset is always nice~ How do u differentiate sunset and dawn?
Image hosting by Photobucket
COnclusion: I hate sentosa. especially the beach. Im NOT goin there AGAIN. I dun wan to tan my already black black skin. I will go there again, once I've acquired the full-body-prevent-tanning-lotion, and when i've returned back to my normal skin mode.

BUt oh well, everyone there get all tanned and roasted. We are 1 big 4E1 family~ Yeah!

Monday, February 06, 2006

1st time>

wad does this remind of you?
first love?
first kiss?
first time, um, u noe? sex?


to me...

its this:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yup, that's right. Its that. Its wad this blog is ALL about: Instand Noodles. =)

Why is it so special? It's because...

Its the first ever Instant noodles I have ever eaten in Seven eleven.
First ever cooked by hot water using outside facilities (not using my house de)
First ever noodles eaten outside
First ever Korean-type noodles
First ever noodles never eaten with spoon

And above all,its


Hence, do you know how important this noodle is to me?

MAny thanks to ShuJUn, my very very nice friend, who is willing to take and send this picture to me. LOL. We are the crazy duo.

OppX, I juz found out. Most people from out class de, are crazy to the brink! LIke mE! Woooooo!!!!! 4e1 2005 RoX! =D

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