Sunday, April 02, 2006


it suddenly dawned on me...

that i am flawed.

no, i know from the start that i am flawed, but not this FLAWED.

Humans are never perfect, but we sought perfection.

that is 1 of our duty in living.

to live in a building-perfection world.

it's because we dun have, that's why we wished and hoped for it.

yet, we can never accomplished it.

1 moment, we find the cure of a disease, the next second another deadly virus runs rampaging around.

when can we ever reach the ultimate peace?


i suppose

i am flawed, in a very bad way

in a way that i can never be saved

i cannot interact with people i have lost touch with

there's no connection anywhere

even now, i couldnt find a connection with ppl already around me

i am a failure

in living

as human

the sad truth

is always depressing and upset

and through this,

i can have my way of consoling myself

the pathetic me

i dun need anyone to console me

because if they did

they will only hurt my pride

my ego

is the thing that keeps me drived

i am dependent on it

without it

i am as good as dead



dun ever hurt my pride

Humiliation is something that i learned my lessons from

but i hate that feeling

i like to run away

and never face the problem

it's the only way i can live


and leave me alone

in my imperfect world

a world where i sought my ego and self-assurance.

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