Friday, July 29, 2005


My feet is feeling better.I mean I am feeling much better. =) hM... How long am I going to keep on saying about my stinking feet???

I've been to West Coast today, to spread my evil hand on the manga. ANd i onli get Fruits Basket vol.17. Weird, I thought. According to my cousin, Samurai Deeper Kyo vol. 32 SHOULD be out. To my dismay, it wasn't in the shop at the base floor. And according to new information given by my dearest cousin, she said I should buy it at the 2nd floor. *...* And I was standing at the 2nd floor, looking intently at the glass panel of the shop. [:I] Fuck.

The thought to even go in has never ever occured in my mind, because my impression of the shop is that it always loan manga, they dun sell manga. Apprarently, I am fucking wrong.

Now, I have to wait for another chance before I get my hands on my favourite manga. This period is so devastating. Fire of Miseries is engulfing me now. As good as dead.

Miraculously, I have to mention, my spectacles survived. My bloody, wonderful spectacles survived after a free fall from the 4th floor of our school. Murdered, and is accused of manslaughter, by me. Yes, the owner. The only lost is, my specs, hurt itself and had a lost a little chip at the side. But it is nothing compared with a broken spectacles. Blame my playfulness.

I was playing with my spectacles when walking back to class from... Anyway, my hand slipped and it flew to the ground. All I can do was to stare straight, realising my specs gone in the other direction, and remain speechless while my friends keep on talking. Until Yan Lin said "What flew out?" Of course I said "My specs...?" Fuckingly, then, I rushed down to the 1st floor and get the specs back.

People who have a specs, or want to have a specs, I am here to advertise the spectacles of mine. The frame is made from Japan. YEs, JAPAN. [I LOVE JAPAN. Call me a blood traitor for all your likes.] As for the glass, I dunno.


By the way, did i say that I am a sexist? Controversial matters or not, I am one. Most likely everybody knows. Anyway, I dislike and loathe Males. M-A-L-E-S. They brought miseries to this world, and females were supposed to be clean up their trash and all. I am almost at discomfort whenever a male is around, and I will remain silent. However, I can talk normally and perfectly if it is in the virtual world, ie MSN those types.

I suppose this should be something that I should not say, the likes of me or not. Yet, I can't remain silent and not recognise this part of me. I am one, and might always be one. ANd dun speak of fucking marriage in front of me. Love is all illusion and tasting it will cause ur doomsday. Trust me, dun ever even think of Falling in Love.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Hm... Seems like my eyes were playing tricks on me. The song played at the end, or rather the middle part, of Gundam Seed Destiny 40 doesn't have “暁” Akatsuki.

FictionJunction YUUKA - 焔の扉 (Honoo no Tobira).

Interesting... =)

ANd Kyou Kara Maou 46 by AonE and Ani_Kraze is out too!! BUt is still down. :(

Another gd piece of new for me:

Samurai Deeper Kyo vol. 32 is out too!! Fruits basket Vol. 17!! Thanx to my cousin for telling me the information!!~~

Images taken from:

WIll be going to West Coast sooner to get my hands on these favourite books of mine~~!!

My left feet is now a dumpling, and i mean the whole feet, by the way. I guess there is alot of water inside that "dumpling"

Can someone please, please, please, please, please tag? My boring life is getting even more boring... Please entertain me...

/. .~

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Gundam Seed Destiny epi 40 by Haro^2 Tori^2 is finally out!!!~~ Yeah~~ There is a new song by FictionJunction Yuuka(the formidable duo Kajiura Yuki and Yuuka) sung at the -almost- end of the show, when they show the golden Akatsuki. Wonder why they always have their music put together with Cagalli.

Anyway, it will be a good song as before like [Akatsuki] (the mp3, not the mobile suit). Im not sure of the name yet, and if I remember correctly, there is this word “暁”, romanji: akatsuki.

Anyway, they sure like akatsuki... Even Naruto's bad guy team is called Akatsuki...


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


This is gonna be a damn long piece of post,containing just words and no pictures, you have been warned...

The friggin ankle is still soring, as big as dumpling?? Exactly how big is a dumpling? Anyway, I took off the wrapping paper... okay, cloth. The smell was 'herby', i would say TOO 'herby'. But anyway, I can walk now. Halirariluuu~~

It was awkward this morning, considering 2 large tbs, 1 TYS and a humongous file. I walked up to the 2nd floor, where that heckalot hall is. Ask a favour to Wang qin to mark my attendence... Walk up slowly to the classroom at the 4th floor. Switch on the lights and fans (wondering if this would cause expenditure to the school)-and did i mention it was raining?-. Then the fucking secondary 1 across the classroom shouted " HEY! HE/SHE DIDNT' GO FOR ASSEMBLY!" I feel like killing him/her...(seriously, the youngsters nowadays are not CUTE) Then, putting aside my hatred, I closed the window near Szeling's seat(not sure if she noticed when she came back),so that it won't attract any attention. But anyway, prefects came later. =| Fuck.
They asked "why aren't you at the assembly?"
"Um... My leg is injured" and 1 of them came in.
"oh!!~~~"and they walked off, waving gdbye to me...
that was kinda nice.
Next, a security guard came. i thought the security guards in out school were... a little chubby, but he look real fit(better than those...)
"why aren't you attending the briefing?"
*wad the hecka is briefing? should be the assembly, i think* "eh... i...i..." stood up because im really tired of explaining...
Finally, all is over. After several mummurings when ppl past by the classroom, classmates finally filled the empty spaces in between. T_T
School was a sore in the neck, or the leg in my case. Anyway, chemistry test is on Wednesday!!~~ well, which is tomorrow. and to add on, we have maths mock exam on thursday, friday amaths revision test. And... cme exam. Seriously, i dun think we need to study for CME. BUt after much persuasion by Achiang, i got a little panic. If i failed CME, i might be condemned to "the worst no-common sense being in the world" and i cant get a job... and no poly, no animes... consequences are very very bad...

I need to write it down, in case I suddenly have the lost of memory whether is it temporary or permanently.

There is a need for everyone, especially OTAKUS, to visit this webby, it contains a lot of information about animes and most of all, he is a singaporean. =) Im happy that there is somebody out there in Singapore who loves animes, and also hold such a big hoster (?).

FOr consolation of my behaviour today... I downloaded "Amaenaideyo!!"Basically, its another pervetic story, and you COULD deem it as "lame"... *sorry if i offended some amaenaideyo fans*. Ive just watched 2 episodes, and i have yet to take a liking on this anime. The main character, Ikko, will be superpower monk when he is exposed to some heart-throbbing scenes... such as *naked bodies*. The story has the buddhism background, takes place in a temple and all. One guy and all hotty gurls...

Ive just started watching Shuffle!.The anime seems to be adapted from a game by Navel... Correct me if im wrong. And this is another story, with a guy and hotty gurls. BUt this story is much intriguing that Amaenaideyo!! There is two girls, 1 came from the demon world, the other came from the god world. And both are the daughters of the kings of the other world. Furthermore, the guy has been living with a gurl who is the princess of the school. What's interesting is what had happened which lead to the situation that gods and demons are migrating to the earth? That;s what kept mi chasing.

Disappointment: HaroHaro & ToriTori subbed Gundam Seed Destiny 40 is not yet out. =( Might be because of tracker is down for the time being...

I hate clothes, and ive said that. BUt when i took another sight at the newly-bought clothes... Ive fall in love with my clothes. I think the reason is because they are BLACK. Ive never had black clothes before, and this is the 1st time i bought so much black clothes.
Did I mention that I wanted to get a black lipstick? The evil me is wanting to get a makeup to become gothic... Yea... G-O-T-H-I-C. Black suits me... *grins* =)

and now i have to get back to the reality world, hit myself with books and study whether i like it or not. tests tests tests....

Monday, July 25, 2005


Monday Blues... Haha... Everybody sure has Monday Blues, but I think I have Leg B(r)uise... No, I definitely have it.
Firstly in the morning, I saw Kai Ee's pinky finger wrapped in -ey- 'bun', that was funny. So I laughed. Of course, it was a bad thing. Anyway, I was imagining her with her pinky finger sticking out during our pledge taking, So i giggle. Disappointing, she didnt put her right fist to her chest. =( Guess she heard my giggles.
Before you think this as a lame post and a evil-hearted owner, I need to report something. Or actually, it is a confession.
I'm Sorry, GOD!! I shouldn't have laughed at her!! I'm Sorry!!!!
Kai Ee... IM SORRY!!! (I dun think she can hear me, or see this message...)
I got my retribution... I hurt my left leg. What's the english word for 折到脚?My perfectly normal left leg is now permanently damaged. I have my right leg of course, but I hurt it many years ago, and under certain circumstances, it will "criaok" and 'dislocate'?
Now, My legs are not in their original shape anymore. I have to sit in the wheelchair... I dun wan to go to schoool!!!!! It's sho awkward!!~~~ =(
*PS. Exaggeration is in the context. Please only believe some of the information...*

Sunday, July 24, 2005


In this late and sleepy Sunday morning, I woke up, preparing for my tuition... Hai~~ sianzZzZ~~!!
I came to take a liking to the blog, I mean my blog. Hahahahaha!! The picture is tooooo cute!~ Really thanx to "Da creator" and "The artist", and also the background music "Fragments of Memories"... Oh GoD~ Im gonna fainttttt*
However, this emotion is really shortlived, sooner I will stop, or rather rarely, take my time and write the blog... Mainly because of my Laziness and "Busy-ness"...
August is coming, National Day Is coming, 'O' Level CHinese exam results are coming out, Piano Practical exam is coming... Prelims are coming... What more is coming?? Oh yea, Doom's Day Coming...
And I have yet to study, I wanted to read Social Studies but I never did, and my excuses are always "tv lar", "computer lar" blar blar...
Damn Mi... Hate Me... Kill Me... LiFe SUx, and so do SchooL!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Inuyasha Movie 4>

Oh My GOd!~~~ The most anticipating movie I've been waiting for (sometimes the passion die out)~~ at least 1 year... It is FINALLY out!
Finally, I could see Inuyasha using his kiba sword kicking ass! I heard that the movie was continuous to where the series stopped... or am I wrong??? But anyway, I had almost forgot that there is still a movie, waiting to be watched.
2nd thing, Full metal panic The Second Raid - 02 is also out, havent watched, but it is DAMN nice!
3rd, I started to watch "Shuffle!", quite a nice anime. The usual stuff, a boy surrounded by dozens of girls~~~ =)


I just been to Jurong Point to do my shopping... to buy my deadliest enemy: CLOTHES...
I hate it, hate it, hate it... and I really wonder why human beings have to wear clothes! If not for Eve to eat that fruit (is it apple?), the god wun have to punish human and from then on, we will feel embarass not to have any things to cover ourselves...
And for godsake!!! Clothes are expensive... I bought 4 shirts and a skirt and it's $350! You know how many mangas I can buy with these money??? 70!!!!
Furthermore, due to the "kiasu-ism" of a typical SIngaporean, you would do anything to get a member/privilege/discount card. SHo, my mother and mi got the card.
And to my very dismay, they said that to 'prolong the lifespan' of the card, you have to spend $1000 every year... they fucking ******! Like I would spend my whole day in their store and buy stupid clothes, which I hated very very much!!
That's why I am here to propose~ Friends, if you are going to Espirit, please tell me... I am sincerely pleading that you can use my card, so that they will not cancel the membership.


This is the first post in the bloggy~~~
ANyway, to view the *foreign* words in this post, please select [[unicode(UTF-8) ]] in encording at +view+ above...


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