Saturday, July 23, 2005


I just been to Jurong Point to do my shopping... to buy my deadliest enemy: CLOTHES...
I hate it, hate it, hate it... and I really wonder why human beings have to wear clothes! If not for Eve to eat that fruit (is it apple?), the god wun have to punish human and from then on, we will feel embarass not to have any things to cover ourselves...
And for godsake!!! Clothes are expensive... I bought 4 shirts and a skirt and it's $350! You know how many mangas I can buy with these money??? 70!!!!
Furthermore, due to the "kiasu-ism" of a typical SIngaporean, you would do anything to get a member/privilege/discount card. SHo, my mother and mi got the card.
And to my very dismay, they said that to 'prolong the lifespan' of the card, you have to spend $1000 every year... they fucking ******! Like I would spend my whole day in their store and buy stupid clothes, which I hated very very much!!
That's why I am here to propose~ Friends, if you are going to Espirit, please tell me... I am sincerely pleading that you can use my card, so that they will not cancel the membership.

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