Sunday, January 22, 2006


i've deleted the previous post, which has the msn conversation. I dunno wads wrong with that, i posted it and the blog goes haywire. Its not that the blog is down or something, but... oh well, heck it. That post is too long anyways, nobody is gonna squint their eyes to 1mm and read it. It's painstaking and waste time.

So, I deleted it. No matters. =)

I just realised, my blog is very plain. The skin is soooooo nice,yet i onli put down with words and no pictures.

Damn it. Im that kinda lazy people who doesnt like to find pictures juz to entertain people. I can put in pictures to entertain MYSELF, but not others. Im such a bitch. XD I onli care for myself, and not others... =P

Read and see Mirage no Shoujo's blog... Way COOOOOOL... Lolita party... Oh My God. Its not the tea party Im interested in, but the CLOTHES.


I want 1 lolita clothing myself too. HOwever, I dun dare to walk in orchard road with that kinda outfit. Its way too daring, for me. I dun have that courage. I onli have impulsiveness. One fine day, when my brain goes bonkers, Impulsive takes over, and I will wear it and walk there. Regardless of the heat, weather, people's comments whatsoever.

BUt, till then, I shall sit back and watch the fashion show running. =X Cooooooooll...

Oh yar, I've decided to go poly, instead of stayin in JJC. Its not that JC is bad, but its not my type. To stay there, I must make up my mind to study hard, and continuously study hard, and STILL study hard. Sadly, I do not have such calibres. Im a lazy lazy lazy pig. All i do is eat, sleep, play. JC life is too harsh for me, I won't be able to survive there.

And did I say? Their PC (which is PE, and i dunno why they called it PC...) is damn damn damn tiring. It's 1 hr long. In secondary school, we have it for 30 mins roughly. But here, its 1 hr. When you are having PC, the time really past slowly. SUPER SLOW. After running for 2 rounds, do excercises, play some lame games, the time only past for 20 mins and less.

I couldnt believe my eyes. And after that session, your muscles are aching all over. ANd very badly, my PC is on Monday and Tuesday, CONSECUTIVE DAYS!!! My body is going to break down even before it can break down lactic acid. Fuck the physical education system.

I know I am weak,all right. BUt still, PC is something not suitable for me. I hate to exercise, and to have NAPFA tests.

ANd as i heard fromt he polys, they onli have NAPFA test at their final year. PHEW~~ ALthough I definitely will not pass the test if i went to poly ( because i already stopped those excercising, its hard to start to train the body again), but still, just 1 yr of test, isnt that superb?

SO, POLY is my CHOICE! and since Republic Poly makes the most impressionable open house i've went, I chose RP. (Sp's open house really sux. THough my bro's there, and is 1 of the showcase ppl, still it sux. Mayb its because we went there toooo late. The ppl there really not as friendly as RP. They juz sit behind their counters and wait for ppl to come up to them and ask questions instead of goin to them and tell them everything. and sp is sooo damn big, i hate it. )

NYP's open house: They are damn rich. They keep on giving out goodies. NOt goodies bag, but the goodies inside. They give us onli 1 bag, and we went home with 1 bag full of duplicates goodies. I wondered why... Last day, i suppose, and they have lotsa remainders. SO they give it to us, instead of throwing it. =3 BUt i dun like it there, the lecturers alitle... bad.

wadever the case, i think i would go rp. although there aer some flaws in there: the diplomas offered there not quite good, as it is not specialised enough. must go university to continue studies... my cousin said... and they have this "understand test"... blar blar...

heck it, i dun care. GO there can study animation and games at the same time. I wouldnt have to make a choice that quickly. We will be expose to many things there. So why not?

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today, this post is dedicated to lau chia hoe, from RV. He wears shorts everyday, where you can see his leg hair sticking out.

sidenote: Im goin to go as sarcastic as I can, since he's not going to read this post, and majority of the people doesnt know about this blog. I just hoped that I don't suffer retribution... GOD, PLEASE, dun punish me for my sarcasm. I wrote it down for my own entertainment. I know it's wrong to use others misfortune as an entertainment... BUT!!! The things I mentioned is not 100% truth, I am distorting some facts. Thus, wad is going to be written here, does not prove to serve as a personal attack to Mr Lau Chia Hoe. I apologise to anyone who is offended in reading this post, but i doubt any1 will be reading it...

As Ive put up earlier, he likes to wear short. That's because RV has this policy, where the guys cannot wear long pants, since the school dun sell long pants there. Which is kinda weird, if you ask me, since males in sec school wear long pants after secondary 3. Anyway, i didnt notice he did wear shorts anot when he came for the 1st day. Like, who cares! It's none of my business.

BUt i did notice something about him, which is considered my first impression of him. The 1st day, mi and sj were the first 2nd and 3rd to arrive. Then after that, I think is him. ANyway, my memories are bad, its either him or jingzhe and joni came.

First Impression: HIs hair. NOt leg hair. Obviously. COz i cant even remember if he did wear shorts that day.
Those hairs that grow on his head.
It looks like my brother. I mean, similar to my brother's. BUt now, i think its defintiely NOT THE SAME, OR SIMILAR, OR IN THE SLIGHTEST SIMILARITY. NOT AT ALL.

It was his hair that caught my eye. ANd that's it. I remember him as: RV guy who has the almost same type of hair my brother has.

ANd during the camp, due to some reasons which i dunno and dun wish to know, he ate porridge. He had the special order. Porrdige. WHile everyone was eating rice, he ate porridge. Such unfair treatment.... not to him, to us. He had special orders, while we, suffered at the mercy of food. The large amount of food cannot all be pushed down to our stomach, and so we had to waste it. WHich is, if you think about it, there are hundreds and millions ppl out there starving, while we wasted it just because they gave too much to us. *sigh.........* the world is sooo corrupted.

Anyway, I didnt get to know him much during those days. COz i refused to speak to boys, and I don't feel like interacting with the girls too. WHY? dunno lar, juz dun feel like it. ANd its my fault for not socialising, not them. MI<===== ME=======> MI!!

get back to topic, i chatted with him on msn, bcoz of the movie, memoirs of a geisha. i asked him to watch, he repeatedly refused so i snapped. I shall post the conversation on the nxt post.


Im so bored. SO im gonna write something useless here. This blog is delicated dedicated to Joel. Someone from OG28, where i ONCE belonged to. Except that, I dunno his full name. Coz... who cares lar, you know his name and can call him can le.

ANyway, from my first impression on him, I thought he is a ... um.... very hard to interact de. COz.... there was one time, we were to be assembled at the carpark, den mi and sj were at the back. I thought we were the last of the og. Then, somehow sj said that there was another guy behind us, who belonged to the og.

Of course I went... "HUH? Where got?" coz i thought that shadow belonged to some lecturers or some ogls. I guessed I hurt him pretty badly... since he turned away and sighed or wad when i turned around and looked at him.

I cant be blamed, you see. I was still at the... no-males-by-my-side-and-no-tokin-to-them policy. It natural that I ignored his presence, since... I can sense the males aura from a distant.

Anyway, we started tokin in msn. I was in my desperate and upset and pessimistic and negative state. I asked him about the movie thingy. I forgot wad his reply is... ANyway, he started his way in conselling me.

Seriously, i think he can be a consellor if he chose that path. Let me quote some of his sayings, "I always tell myself that I can do it whenever I wanted to give up." and he said to me... "Why are you lying to yourself?" blar blar.

I've changed some of the words he said, coz i cant remember. But the meaning is the same. Just that, he used much more precise and accurate ENglish, which I can never write down. ANd... to clear out misunderstandings, I never lie to myself.

He's such a nice guy, rite? whao, cant stand him. HIs holy aura is destroying my evilness. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I will cease to exist. I have to hide him forever, if I wanted to survive on this lonely planet.

ANyway, my point is, he is a good guy. He can be a consellor, psychologist nxt time. He has a promising future. So, gals, grab him when u have the chance. Not sure if he is attached anot...

OH well, he ain't gonna see this blogsite. hahaha nvm. I can write wadever I want! Dun think its gonna cause him embarassed, and wad ive written here is not an insult. so i wun be dealing with copyright laws bah...

BUt Im quite pissed off with him for 1 thing... he doesnt accept the songs I wanted to send him. as in, i sent him 1 song, he refused to accept the downloading. =( he said he doesn't listen to songs... which is bullshit to me. songs are the most pleasurable things on earth, it brings joy and happiness to your life. without them, your life is destinied to be dull.
wadever his real reasons are, i cant accept a person who doesnt listen to songs. gRR...

nxt time, im gonna blog about lau chia hoe, from RV, who wears short-pants. (opps =X )


I havVE FINALLY change the blogskin, after much much much, and much, hesitations. Or rather, laziness.

See who's on the above? That's Kanna from Air. She's the last Yokujin
, which translates into Winged-Being. She's the sole heir of the Star Memories, but she died in the end. Although I still hadn't grasped what the story is talking about. ANyways, it's juz a graphically-enhancing anime, and a well-planned story. Except that they did not elaborate more. =| Definitely not a good thing.

AND!! The Background music is.... Air (I've) - Hane. NIce, isn't it? It's also from AIr. ALthough the blogskin isn't created by me, but still, I loved it alots. I shall someday do one... I hope... =(

I hope I can include more pics, from now on, for my blog. My blog is tooooo plain. BUt, doesnt matter lar, coz i rarely write here. SInce INNER EMOTIONS are not supposed to be publicise.

My deepest and hideous feelings shall be kept within myself, never ever to see the dayllight. This blog is just for wasting time, to keep me entertained, and let me find things do. Im basically tokin to myself while typing the entries.

LOnely me. POOR me. Pathetic Me.



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