Sunday, January 15, 2006


I havVE FINALLY change the blogskin, after much much much, and much, hesitations. Or rather, laziness.

See who's on the above? That's Kanna from Air. She's the last Yokujin
, which translates into Winged-Being. She's the sole heir of the Star Memories, but she died in the end. Although I still hadn't grasped what the story is talking about. ANyways, it's juz a graphically-enhancing anime, and a well-planned story. Except that they did not elaborate more. =| Definitely not a good thing.

AND!! The Background music is.... Air (I've) - Hane. NIce, isn't it? It's also from AIr. ALthough the blogskin isn't created by me, but still, I loved it alots. I shall someday do one... I hope... =(

I hope I can include more pics, from now on, for my blog. My blog is tooooo plain. BUt, doesnt matter lar, coz i rarely write here. SInce INNER EMOTIONS are not supposed to be publicise.

My deepest and hideous feelings shall be kept within myself, never ever to see the dayllight. This blog is just for wasting time, to keep me entertained, and let me find things do. Im basically tokin to myself while typing the entries.

LOnely me. POOR me. Pathetic Me.



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