Friday, June 02, 2006

Baby BOom?!>

Here's some of my CUTE CUTE CUTE AND STILL VERY CUTE AND YES IT'S VERY CUTE photos of me taken during ... when im a baby.

Im so sure that the world would be burst with baby if everyone sees my photos. And blast it, babies are a pain stuck in the arse, you can have the faces of them, but not THEM!

aren't I a cutie??? I heard that it was taken by my uncle...

That's my sweet tooth! or was it teeth? anyways, that my legendary buck tooth milk teeth!

im not sure if i remember that scene, but i sure do hell remember that matress of mine! the rainbow!! I kept looking at the rainbow!! Now that I remember, IT WAS A RAINBOW! wad a stupid shit i was when i was a baby....

oh yes my second legendary, The Middle Finger!! I've been very vulgar since im a baby, watch out!

OH yar, DUN KEEP LOOKING AT MY PAMPERS!! THAT'S SO RUDE!! The skirt (?) was so short... Oh god, i was being exposed!!
MOre to come~


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