Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children>

I definitely have to, must, blog about this.

This is an anime/CG/whatever-it-is I've been waiting all my life. Okay, not ALL, but ever since I heard of the news.

I have only one emotion. T.T I'm so touched!! I've finally watch it! I was thinking of ordering it online many months ago, but since it doesn't have english subtitles, I might as well wait for them.

People changes, and so does their luck. I won't say that I've changed, but my luck is definitely changing, to the BETTER!!! (I hope this stays forever)I found a subbed Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, subbed by anime-source. Oh My God! My Heart almost leaped out!!!~~~ I could onli stared at it, wide-mouth... And Frankly speaking, i would want to cry, tears of happiness. But, oh well, it seems exaggerating.

I saw my beloved Cloud. Cloud Strife. CLoud. Cloud. CLoud. Cloud... Why is there a Tifa beside him?? (burns with jealousy)

After my Lacus-sama, my No. 1 SUPER-model-body-with-cool-attitude-handsome-guy would be..... CLOUD STRIFE!!!!!!

By the way, Lacus-sama is anime-world-most-beautiful-plus-gentle-feminine-generous-and-above-all-she-sings-very-well . She is the one I adored much, the one I love much, the one I respected alot...

Whenever I thought of Cloud, I can go (*ahhhhhhh......*), and, ahem, im not thinking of dirty things. (please dun be disgustin! )LOL, anyway, I love the show. Just that, it's too SHORT! can't they lengthen it? I wan more mORE MORE CLOUD!!!

And!! Cloud's cast is great!!! Sakurai Takeshiro aka Shibuya Yuuri. I like him too!! And Kadaj's cast is terribly great, though I hate Kadaj, aka Shikamaru from Naruto.

TO add on, Kadaj's cast, whose name I can't remember, is a motion action for the show. Ie. he provide his body for the show for the making of the characters, and im sorry if I sound horny. =)

Sephiroth's cast... aka Naraku from Inuyasha, and Conrad from Kyou Kara Maou... He sounds nice, and MATURE!!!!!I suppose that's why they choose him!!!Aeris's cast: Maaya Sakamoto. A lot of people are fans of her. I don't know why. I don't hate her, but I don't Like her either. =( Dun understand.

I suppose everyone who watched the show knows that... the motorbikes there are damn cool. Way too COOL! For example, CLoud's, his motorbike can keep his damn big swords within itself. Then suddenly "Kiang", a few swords appear from nowhere. And!! No matter how the enemies push/force the motorbike, as in during battling, it keeps on moving... *aRhhhhh.....* it doesnt even need a rider, and it can move, and catch the driver wherever he is... Cool, rite? However, it is damn big, and it looks heavy, very heavy.

No countries have had this kind of motorbikes. Way too cool...

The battles damn confusing, but... NICE! They can fly here, jump there and they won't die. (that's why they are called animes)I want to jump like Cloud did, when he fought with the summon beast (I suppose Bahamut)!!!

I wan their ribbons too!! The group: Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Red XX (dunno how many X and I;call him the wolf), Barret, Cid... They have a pink ribbon tied to their left upper arm, I suppose it signifies that they are a group. Strangely, I dun see any on Vincent Valentine's arm. Perhaps its hidden under the mantle, or it could be that he couldn't tie it since his armour's too thick.

I want the ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hai~~~ (Too much of excitement today...) =(

I wan FINAL FANTASY!!!!!!!

one day, im gonna make a game that's as nice as FF!!!!! That's my dream. Am I able to realise it? Im a sucker in playing game. Really. One who cant play game can create a game. Possible?

Side-track: Today is the first time Im playing pq, but it's also the last time Im playing it. Because I leveled up to 31, and cannot play liao. =(

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