Sunday, October 16, 2005


Recently, the Manga Monster has possessed me. I can't stop reading Manga, I think I will die. /. .
I think I started this... Manga.Mood mode when I was finding Love Celeb, and then I fell in love Love Monster... and this marked the beginning of my Manga.Mood (aka M.M)

It is a very bad thing to fall in love with Manga and a time like this. It won't be if Im still secondary 1, 2 or 3... =( It happened when Im at Secondary 4... T_T Very funny... *Laugh with scarcasm* Im going to write a plan what Im going to read after O Levels!!!!

1: Love Monster
2: Hane ni Nare
3: Gakuen Alice
4: Love Celeb
5: ... Havent decided yet...

Completed Online Mangas:
1: A thousand years of snow
2: F.O.X (1st series) *COmments: the drawings are nice, the story is a little dry... =X*

That's all for my oneline manga-ing... Pathetic me. Sympathise me bah! Doing such acts at the "prologue" of O Levels... =(

*Sigh...* I hate myself.

ANd it's not only me with is in such a dire situation like me. Senyuki, you know who it is, I suppose (=X). She's in a more crazier state that I am. Im in M.M, she's In B.M aka Blood+ Mood. I would like to call it B+.M (but it kinda looks like chemical formula... so suan le!). Anyway, she asked me to blog about her Blood+ since she was lazy or something. I obligated, though I dun really have any logic reasons to do so... =D Call it a twist of fate (guess i used the wrong phrase, but I wanna write it down........... =X).

Blood+ , as you can see from the Name itself, should contains many blood... Bloody scenes, violence.... It is R21. And Senyuki is onli 16... (she broke the law... bad gurl!)

Okay, I lied. They didnt state wad the age limit was. ANyway, I guess people above age of 12 can watch bah, but who knows? Ive onli watched the 1st episode, and there's kissing scenes. And it replaced the time slot for Gundam Seed Destiny, a golden time slot wor! SO, people of all ages can watch bah, some need parental guidance? See, japan's a open-minded country, they show kids animes with kissing scenes and the transfusion of blood through CPR-style. A new way to donate blood to a person suffering from anaemia. So people, when you see a person faints, pallid face, please cut ur hand or anywhere of the body(clean parts please) and donate some blood to the victim using mouth-to-mouth method. This would certainly saves a lot of time, considering the fact that the traditional way that a blood pack and needles and sterilising equipments need to be brought... Save times and cost-efficient, rite? =D

Btw, the above... U can choose to believe or to think its a lie. But please, dun really do that in reality, the method is still in experimental stage, nobody knows what will erally happened if u did that... =X

Back to Blood+ thingy, senyuki was crazy. SHe's mad. She watched the 1st episode for I think more than 10 times (she told me that she watched 10 times recently, so I supposed it will be more now..) SHe's in love with Saya, yea, the vampire... SHe kept on telling me that Saya was cool.. red eyes..... the katana..... *and she screams.... * See, Im a good friend, let her keep on ranting, even though I dun really want to know.... T_T SHe's a spoiler... Den she dl the raw episode 2, since she cant stand waiting for the subbed version on tuesday... She watched it... and she's even crazier... *Oh my god... some1 helped me... T_T * Now she toks about her expression..... her hair... short hair long hair (okay, I told her that long hair Saya is nicer... its the truth anyway... =X). What's more? Yea, the opening and ending song. She's requesting for it already. Obviously, the PV version is not even out, nobody has the full version anyway. Someone can rip the tv-size version for her. I think I will hear her singing the opening version in school tomorrow... T_T And Saya, Saya, Saya, and more Saya....

The last time I remember her doing that was about Tsubasa Chronicle , and Black Cat manga, oh, and Zephiris... This time is the worst... It almost as if I can see her Love-shaped eyes glaring at the computer scene with the pausing scene of Saya in vampire-mode... Mayb kissing her... =X *hhahahahaha*

Hahaha, i was bullshitting anyway... I dun really mind her tokin about Blood+, cause I do that to her all the times... especially when I was in Kyo manga mood... She was patient with me, so I have to do the same to her. Repaying my debt mah... =X Hahahhaha.....

Oh shitz, My mother is threatening me to eat my noodles now, or she would have to throw it away liao..... Shitty shitz. That's all for now..... Ta-Ta!~

Thursday, October 13, 2005


How many years have i Stopped coming here? Oh well, stop the exaggeration le. Its juz days.

But it feels like years!!!!! WHy? Coz the teachers in the school are giving us more homeworks than we could never ever, and i repeat, NEVER EVER, coped with!!! They gave, I sighed, DUmped them in a corner, Play the computer, Get into hyperventilation mood as I looked at the computer, Brother come home, Scramed out of his sight, Watch Arts Central for Kurogane and Scrapped Princess *moans and glimmers*, Get tired, Sleep, FOrget about homework, Felt guilty the next morning.

This has been my routine for the past weeks... ever since the end of Prelim examinations... T_T

Seriously, is this stress? STRESS??? I don't know. But at least I feel much better this way than to do those homeworks. I know Im escaping from reality. But it feels great, ReaL GREAT!! ANd.. those .... f*****- teachers... they arranged a Yoga class for us next monday.

Y-O-G-A class. YOGA!!!!! Isn't it better if they give us YOGURT to eat than YOGA? Oh and by the way, I have O Level Biology Practical on Tuesday, which is the next day! How are we supposed to go into the examination lab with a relaxed and cool body and do the exam? HOW? HOW? WE WILL BE ACHING ALL OVER HEAD OVER HEELS!!!!! *PANTS PANTS....*

*Sigh.....* Guess I really need a space for me to shout. Blogging is nice.. makes me feel good about myself... *sparkling eyes~~*

And yet those Bastards take away the freedom to say, to tell and to rant our thoughts. WHERE IN THE HELL IS FREEDOM???????????? A DEMOCRACTIC SOCIETY? MY FOOT! the majority says that we speak what we want, and yet the authorities arrested people to "threaten" us. Of course, I know what those accused did. They tried to disrupt the peace of Singapore, by hurling abuse(hmm, cant remember wad the real crime is) and indiscriminately disrupted the racial harmony in Singapore. That is a big big big big crime. Yes, they should be arrested.

Oh shitz, im contradicting myself.... =( *Sigh...* Anyway, My point is... that they shouldnt take away our rights and freedom to write down our thoughts. It's our THOUGHTS, NOT THEIRS. AN Individual has his own unique and individualised characters, thus his own thoughts are his. No matter how hurtful and damaging it is to others, it is still his own thoughts.

True enough, the victims will want their abuse and lies directed to them, to be erased. ANd through the IT ethics, they are able to do so. If i am a victim, I will be glad that there is such a law. So, how do we differentiate between scandals and comments of a subject? It's hard to do it. I cant differentiate them, that's why Im escaping, Im "asterisk-ing* vulgarities and my "prey's" name...

How sad.~~~~ T_T That's my life, that is the coward me. Uh~~~ T.T

To escape from that, I chose to read mangas. Oh, and Ive been in M.M mode for quite some time now. M.M ===> Manga.Mood =D I've fell in love with: Heart, Love Monster, A thousandth SNow, Love celeb, Hana ni Nare ... There's alot, and REALLY alot of MANGAS for me to explore... Yet, there's no time for me to do that. COz O levels' juz round the corner, and i need to "pull up my socks". ANd Ive been wandering in the net searching for more mangs to satisfy and qwell my needs. Im such a fucking bitch. Geex, i cant stand myself. *Lightning strikes*....

This could be my last entry before my O levels... Sayonara, everybody. I hope I can survive this odeal... T.T

WIll i Still be in a piece after 2 months????

Saturday, October 01, 2005

oh! KaMi-SaMa~~!!>

Im not obligated to blog, and it is more ever since the Big Time News about blogging. Oh, hell, what am I writing about... Anyway, Ive neglected this bloggy site for quite a long time. And it's time I show my care and concern to um..... him/her/it.

Ive chanced upon this site... while I was searching for Love Celeb torrents. (Yea, Yea, hentai me =X) While I was searching for the related love celeb stuff, I found out more about the owner of the site.

I realised that we are quite similar.

1. Both of us are girls.

2. Both are us are 16, going through the tormenting 'O' Levels (at least its tormenting to me...)

3. We like animations

4. We like Gundam Seed saga

5. We love Lacus-sama (Um... I would say that Im the one who goes all crazy over Lacus-sama. IM LACUS-SAMA OFFICAL SLAVE!!! *ahem*)

6.We just had our Preliminaries exams

7.We had over 40 for our Geography exam (Elect. Geo for me. But I only have 41, she had 43... Oh well, she's the pro. Haha)

8. We love Japanese songs, ANimations OSTs blar blar.

9. We know japanese (SHe knows more, im just a amateur =D )

10. We admit that we are half hard-core otaku

11. We live in Singapore

12. We want to study in Poly (Im not really sure about this, but I think I saw Ngee Ann Poly Mass Comm somewhere, so i supposed that's where she's gonna go~~ )

13. We can play the piano

14. We joined the choir as CCA

15. We admired Kajiura Yuki (kya~~ her composed songs, and those she sings are wonderful~~!)

16. We

"worship fairy tale romance but scorned at one that comes in my way.......i envy couples, loathed and lament about my looks, my love-less life. get jealous at a laughing group of teenagers, who are BFF. avoided huge crowds with many clichs.........avoided fashionably dressed teens. secretly admiring cute guys, knowing that they would never bat an eye-lid.......sad life i have.........."

(It's not nice to be like that, but I am like that too. Contradicting, huh? And, to add on, I admire cute guys, only manga and anime cute guys. I dun see 1 in real-life, so I guess im missing big things, eh?)

See how much similarities we have?? LOL. But most of all, I admired her. Below are the points:

1. Her English is damn good. (Somehow, I hate English more than any subjects)

2. SHe knows Japanese more than I do (she can translate Honou no Tobira !!.... Urayamashi~~~ T.T

3. She can write her blog to a very large entent... *.* (sparkles)

4. She aims for less than 8 points for the O's... *.* (More sparkles~~~)

5. She dares to say out her feelings in the virtual reality where law is still available... (I dun, I dun have the courage to do so T.T)

6. She has a nice relationship with her teachers... (I have always maintained a distance from the teachers... they are not to be trifled with, to me... )

7. I wonder where she can get all those japanese songs... I wan to hear them too~~~~

Well, enough of all these admirations and rantings... It's really nice to find out that somewhere else, there is somebody who does almost the same things as you did. To me, it's more of a comfort. Why? Because I guess this means that Im not doing something stupid for the past few years: ie, animations, animations, animations,animations, and more animations, final fantasy, games..., cloud-sama,laucus-sama... blar blar.

Besides visiting to such holy sacred blogsites, I was downloading manga from mIRC the whole day. Love celeb, Love Monster... Hentai me..... *sniggles* =D

OH!! BUt, bUT, BUt!!! I dun think Love Monster is hentai. At least not as hentai as Love Celeb... It does contains scenes like the tearing of clothes... kissing... a little touching of here and there, there's not much. (hM... it does seems hentai...) Oh well, to save efforts, I would've classify Love Monster to be in the Shoujo typey. Hm~~~~~~ =)

That's all for the simple and clean(since it doesnt contain any pictures, excluding dirty talks =X) report of my boring Saturady life. =)

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