Thursday, October 13, 2005


How many years have i Stopped coming here? Oh well, stop the exaggeration le. Its juz days.

But it feels like years!!!!! WHy? Coz the teachers in the school are giving us more homeworks than we could never ever, and i repeat, NEVER EVER, coped with!!! They gave, I sighed, DUmped them in a corner, Play the computer, Get into hyperventilation mood as I looked at the computer, Brother come home, Scramed out of his sight, Watch Arts Central for Kurogane and Scrapped Princess *moans and glimmers*, Get tired, Sleep, FOrget about homework, Felt guilty the next morning.

This has been my routine for the past weeks... ever since the end of Prelim examinations... T_T

Seriously, is this stress? STRESS??? I don't know. But at least I feel much better this way than to do those homeworks. I know Im escaping from reality. But it feels great, ReaL GREAT!! ANd.. those .... f*****- teachers... they arranged a Yoga class for us next monday.

Y-O-G-A class. YOGA!!!!! Isn't it better if they give us YOGURT to eat than YOGA? Oh and by the way, I have O Level Biology Practical on Tuesday, which is the next day! How are we supposed to go into the examination lab with a relaxed and cool body and do the exam? HOW? HOW? WE WILL BE ACHING ALL OVER HEAD OVER HEELS!!!!! *PANTS PANTS....*

*Sigh.....* Guess I really need a space for me to shout. Blogging is nice.. makes me feel good about myself... *sparkling eyes~~*

And yet those Bastards take away the freedom to say, to tell and to rant our thoughts. WHERE IN THE HELL IS FREEDOM???????????? A DEMOCRACTIC SOCIETY? MY FOOT! the majority says that we speak what we want, and yet the authorities arrested people to "threaten" us. Of course, I know what those accused did. They tried to disrupt the peace of Singapore, by hurling abuse(hmm, cant remember wad the real crime is) and indiscriminately disrupted the racial harmony in Singapore. That is a big big big big crime. Yes, they should be arrested.

Oh shitz, im contradicting myself.... =( *Sigh...* Anyway, My point is... that they shouldnt take away our rights and freedom to write down our thoughts. It's our THOUGHTS, NOT THEIRS. AN Individual has his own unique and individualised characters, thus his own thoughts are his. No matter how hurtful and damaging it is to others, it is still his own thoughts.

True enough, the victims will want their abuse and lies directed to them, to be erased. ANd through the IT ethics, they are able to do so. If i am a victim, I will be glad that there is such a law. So, how do we differentiate between scandals and comments of a subject? It's hard to do it. I cant differentiate them, that's why Im escaping, Im "asterisk-ing* vulgarities and my "prey's" name...

How sad.~~~~ T_T That's my life, that is the coward me. Uh~~~ T.T

To escape from that, I chose to read mangas. Oh, and Ive been in M.M mode for quite some time now. M.M ===> Manga.Mood =D I've fell in love with: Heart, Love Monster, A thousandth SNow, Love celeb, Hana ni Nare ... There's alot, and REALLY alot of MANGAS for me to explore... Yet, there's no time for me to do that. COz O levels' juz round the corner, and i need to "pull up my socks". ANd Ive been wandering in the net searching for more mangs to satisfy and qwell my needs. Im such a fucking bitch. Geex, i cant stand myself. *Lightning strikes*....

This could be my last entry before my O levels... Sayonara, everybody. I hope I can survive this odeal... T.T

WIll i Still be in a piece after 2 months????

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