Sunday, January 15, 2006


Im so bored. SO im gonna write something useless here. This blog is delicated dedicated to Joel. Someone from OG28, where i ONCE belonged to. Except that, I dunno his full name. Coz... who cares lar, you know his name and can call him can le.

ANyway, from my first impression on him, I thought he is a ... um.... very hard to interact de. COz.... there was one time, we were to be assembled at the carpark, den mi and sj were at the back. I thought we were the last of the og. Then, somehow sj said that there was another guy behind us, who belonged to the og.

Of course I went... "HUH? Where got?" coz i thought that shadow belonged to some lecturers or some ogls. I guessed I hurt him pretty badly... since he turned away and sighed or wad when i turned around and looked at him.

I cant be blamed, you see. I was still at the... no-males-by-my-side-and-no-tokin-to-them policy. It natural that I ignored his presence, since... I can sense the males aura from a distant.

Anyway, we started tokin in msn. I was in my desperate and upset and pessimistic and negative state. I asked him about the movie thingy. I forgot wad his reply is... ANyway, he started his way in conselling me.

Seriously, i think he can be a consellor if he chose that path. Let me quote some of his sayings, "I always tell myself that I can do it whenever I wanted to give up." and he said to me... "Why are you lying to yourself?" blar blar.

I've changed some of the words he said, coz i cant remember. But the meaning is the same. Just that, he used much more precise and accurate ENglish, which I can never write down. ANd... to clear out misunderstandings, I never lie to myself.

He's such a nice guy, rite? whao, cant stand him. HIs holy aura is destroying my evilness. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I will cease to exist. I have to hide him forever, if I wanted to survive on this lonely planet.

ANyway, my point is, he is a good guy. He can be a consellor, psychologist nxt time. He has a promising future. So, gals, grab him when u have the chance. Not sure if he is attached anot...

OH well, he ain't gonna see this blogsite. hahaha nvm. I can write wadever I want! Dun think its gonna cause him embarassed, and wad ive written here is not an insult. so i wun be dealing with copyright laws bah...

BUt Im quite pissed off with him for 1 thing... he doesnt accept the songs I wanted to send him. as in, i sent him 1 song, he refused to accept the downloading. =( he said he doesn't listen to songs... which is bullshit to me. songs are the most pleasurable things on earth, it brings joy and happiness to your life. without them, your life is destinied to be dull.
wadever his real reasons are, i cant accept a person who doesnt listen to songs. gRR...

nxt time, im gonna blog about lau chia hoe, from RV, who wears short-pants. (opps =X )

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