Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today, this post is dedicated to lau chia hoe, from RV. He wears shorts everyday, where you can see his leg hair sticking out.

sidenote: Im goin to go as sarcastic as I can, since he's not going to read this post, and majority of the people doesnt know about this blog. I just hoped that I don't suffer retribution... GOD, PLEASE, dun punish me for my sarcasm. I wrote it down for my own entertainment. I know it's wrong to use others misfortune as an entertainment... BUT!!! The things I mentioned is not 100% truth, I am distorting some facts. Thus, wad is going to be written here, does not prove to serve as a personal attack to Mr Lau Chia Hoe. I apologise to anyone who is offended in reading this post, but i doubt any1 will be reading it...

As Ive put up earlier, he likes to wear short. That's because RV has this policy, where the guys cannot wear long pants, since the school dun sell long pants there. Which is kinda weird, if you ask me, since males in sec school wear long pants after secondary 3. Anyway, i didnt notice he did wear shorts anot when he came for the 1st day. Like, who cares! It's none of my business.

BUt i did notice something about him, which is considered my first impression of him. The 1st day, mi and sj were the first 2nd and 3rd to arrive. Then after that, I think is him. ANyway, my memories are bad, its either him or jingzhe and joni came.

First Impression: HIs hair. NOt leg hair. Obviously. COz i cant even remember if he did wear shorts that day.
Those hairs that grow on his head.
It looks like my brother. I mean, similar to my brother's. BUt now, i think its defintiely NOT THE SAME, OR SIMILAR, OR IN THE SLIGHTEST SIMILARITY. NOT AT ALL.

It was his hair that caught my eye. ANd that's it. I remember him as: RV guy who has the almost same type of hair my brother has.

ANd during the camp, due to some reasons which i dunno and dun wish to know, he ate porridge. He had the special order. Porrdige. WHile everyone was eating rice, he ate porridge. Such unfair treatment.... not to him, to us. He had special orders, while we, suffered at the mercy of food. The large amount of food cannot all be pushed down to our stomach, and so we had to waste it. WHich is, if you think about it, there are hundreds and millions ppl out there starving, while we wasted it just because they gave too much to us. *sigh.........* the world is sooo corrupted.

Anyway, I didnt get to know him much during those days. COz i refused to speak to boys, and I don't feel like interacting with the girls too. WHY? dunno lar, juz dun feel like it. ANd its my fault for not socialising, not them. MI<===== ME=======> MI!!

get back to topic, i chatted with him on msn, bcoz of the movie, memoirs of a geisha. i asked him to watch, he repeatedly refused so i snapped. I shall post the conversation on the nxt post.

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