Thursday, July 28, 2005


Hm... Seems like my eyes were playing tricks on me. The song played at the end, or rather the middle part, of Gundam Seed Destiny 40 doesn't have “暁” Akatsuki.

FictionJunction YUUKA - 焔の扉 (Honoo no Tobira).

Interesting... =)

ANd Kyou Kara Maou 46 by AonE and Ani_Kraze is out too!! BUt is still down. :(

Another gd piece of new for me:

Samurai Deeper Kyo vol. 32 is out too!! Fruits basket Vol. 17!! Thanx to my cousin for telling me the information!!~~

Images taken from:

WIll be going to West Coast sooner to get my hands on these favourite books of mine~~!!

My left feet is now a dumpling, and i mean the whole feet, by the way. I guess there is alot of water inside that "dumpling"

Can someone please, please, please, please, please tag? My boring life is getting even more boring... Please entertain me...

/. .~

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