Friday, July 29, 2005


My feet is feeling better.I mean I am feeling much better. =) hM... How long am I going to keep on saying about my stinking feet???

I've been to West Coast today, to spread my evil hand on the manga. ANd i onli get Fruits Basket vol.17. Weird, I thought. According to my cousin, Samurai Deeper Kyo vol. 32 SHOULD be out. To my dismay, it wasn't in the shop at the base floor. And according to new information given by my dearest cousin, she said I should buy it at the 2nd floor. *...* And I was standing at the 2nd floor, looking intently at the glass panel of the shop. [:I] Fuck.

The thought to even go in has never ever occured in my mind, because my impression of the shop is that it always loan manga, they dun sell manga. Apprarently, I am fucking wrong.

Now, I have to wait for another chance before I get my hands on my favourite manga. This period is so devastating. Fire of Miseries is engulfing me now. As good as dead.

Miraculously, I have to mention, my spectacles survived. My bloody, wonderful spectacles survived after a free fall from the 4th floor of our school. Murdered, and is accused of manslaughter, by me. Yes, the owner. The only lost is, my specs, hurt itself and had a lost a little chip at the side. But it is nothing compared with a broken spectacles. Blame my playfulness.

I was playing with my spectacles when walking back to class from... Anyway, my hand slipped and it flew to the ground. All I can do was to stare straight, realising my specs gone in the other direction, and remain speechless while my friends keep on talking. Until Yan Lin said "What flew out?" Of course I said "My specs...?" Fuckingly, then, I rushed down to the 1st floor and get the specs back.

People who have a specs, or want to have a specs, I am here to advertise the spectacles of mine. The frame is made from Japan. YEs, JAPAN. [I LOVE JAPAN. Call me a blood traitor for all your likes.] As for the glass, I dunno.


By the way, did i say that I am a sexist? Controversial matters or not, I am one. Most likely everybody knows. Anyway, I dislike and loathe Males. M-A-L-E-S. They brought miseries to this world, and females were supposed to be clean up their trash and all. I am almost at discomfort whenever a male is around, and I will remain silent. However, I can talk normally and perfectly if it is in the virtual world, ie MSN those types.

I suppose this should be something that I should not say, the likes of me or not. Yet, I can't remain silent and not recognise this part of me. I am one, and might always be one. ANd dun speak of fucking marriage in front of me. Love is all illusion and tasting it will cause ur doomsday. Trust me, dun ever even think of Falling in Love.

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