Monday, July 25, 2005


Monday Blues... Haha... Everybody sure has Monday Blues, but I think I have Leg B(r)uise... No, I definitely have it.
Firstly in the morning, I saw Kai Ee's pinky finger wrapped in -ey- 'bun', that was funny. So I laughed. Of course, it was a bad thing. Anyway, I was imagining her with her pinky finger sticking out during our pledge taking, So i giggle. Disappointing, she didnt put her right fist to her chest. =( Guess she heard my giggles.
Before you think this as a lame post and a evil-hearted owner, I need to report something. Or actually, it is a confession.
I'm Sorry, GOD!! I shouldn't have laughed at her!! I'm Sorry!!!!
Kai Ee... IM SORRY!!! (I dun think she can hear me, or see this message...)
I got my retribution... I hurt my left leg. What's the english word for 折到脚?My perfectly normal left leg is now permanently damaged. I have my right leg of course, but I hurt it many years ago, and under certain circumstances, it will "criaok" and 'dislocate'?
Now, My legs are not in their original shape anymore. I have to sit in the wheelchair... I dun wan to go to schoool!!!!! It's sho awkward!!~~~ =(
*PS. Exaggeration is in the context. Please only believe some of the information...*

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