Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jae Registration>

It seems like a practice to do so. Almost all the "famous" people does it, like Dawn, dexian and well, i dunno. Yesh! I see those people as famous!!!!!! Why? I dunno why either, juz that mayb coz i dun speak to them often, i see them as famous! so peeps, u wan to be famous? juz dun speak to me. heh. ;D] yeah~~ follow the norm, and i will always be right!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahaha. XD

okay, here's my jae registration 12 choices:

1 - Multimedia & Animation (Ngee Ann Polytehcnic)
2 - New Media (Republic Polytechnic)
3 - Biomedical Science/Biomedical Laboratory Tech (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
4 - Digital Media Design (Nanyang Polytechnic)
5 - Digital Entertainment (Nantang Polytechnic)
6 - Biomedical Sciences (Republic Polytechnic)
7 - Biomedical Science (Singapore Polytechnic)
8 - Digital Media (Singapore Polytechnic)
9 - Games Design And Development (Singapore Polytechnic)
10 - Media And Communication (Singapore Polytechnic)
11 - Diploma In Game & Entertainment Technology (Temesek Polytechnic)
12 - Aerospace electronics (Singapore Polytechnic)

Almost all the choices are related to animation, except for biomedical science and AEROSPACE....

i didnt really choose aerospace lar. coz hor.... i chose some courses in TP, i think. BUt im not qualified to go in. i dunno why, but cannot. sho, i anyhow put in the code no. for the 12th choice. ANd it turns out to be aerospace. =0. Thats how i reacted. Aerospace... I dun even noe wad the hell is that. someting to do with aeroplane i think. hahahahhaa, i juz hope i can get into the 1st 11 choices, if not, i would have to pilot an aeroplane!!!!!!

oh yar, i think females arent allow to fly an aeroplane. FUCK THOSE AEROPLANE SEXIST!!!!! =X im a sexist too! but they are sexist in the career area, WHICH SUX!!!!! who says female cant fly aeroplane????? WHOOOOOOOOOOOO?????????????

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