Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Pandas, this is wad im gonna blog about.

I called myself "Panda" in jj. WHy? No reason, i Juz thought that its fun, and i should give a nickname to myself. =D. It's rather stupid, but IM ALWAYS stupid, so it doesnt matter. I thought that "since its the 1st 3 months, might as well be more daring and do something that u dun dare usually."

ANd so i does it. JJ likes to do something, or rather almost everywhere likes to do this, and that is "INTRODUCTION". i hate this ever since secondary school. ANd practically, JJ does that every day every lesson. So, I didnt really disclose my name, even though they know my name. I introduce myself as "Helow~~ Im Panda, u can call me Panda, u know that cute cute black-and-white bear? Yeah, that's my name =D "

I said it in chinese lesson, geography and juz choir. And that's that. By the time it was other subjects' tutorials, many days had past, and the teachers thought that there isn't any reasons for introduction since we know each other quite well.

So that's that.

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This is how i looked like when im bored. yeah, really bored...

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This is wad I do with my classmates/friends... =X OPPs, no no. My friends arent panda, one of them is JELLYFISH, the soft soft 99% or 90% made of water de. Yeah, that jellyfish. And one of them is jr. necki. =D

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That's how i looked when im eating. =D. SO cuteeee!~~~ hahhahahahha]

*by the way, realise that the pics are getting bigger and bigger? juz a note. heh.

and some more webby that i forgot to copy down. SORRY! THOSE PICS ARENT MINE!!

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