Tuesday, February 21, 2006


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ITS COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE LONG-AWAITED PICTURE (ok, nobody is anticipating its picture, but oh~~) OF COOKIE, THE DOG WHICH MY MATERNAL COUSIN REARS!!!!!! AND ITS NOT THE PICTURE OF COOKIE WHO TAGS MY TAGBOARD or her boyfriend ( = X ).

I got this picture from my dear dear cousin, Yuxian , or call her ah xian also can lar.hahahahahahhaahha

i was so bored, so i thought of another idea to ask for her cookie's pic and blog about it, SINCE I AM BORED!!!!!! I think she was havin lesson or something when i asked her, since her status was "Busy" on msn.

Wadever!!!!! Nobody can stop me when im feeling BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE HOW MANY ENTRIES I HAVE DONE THIS MONTH? Juz this month? I was sooo busy (um, well lazy enough to be busy) doin other things for the previous months, that i had less than 10 posts a month!!

ANd look at now, HOW MANY POSTS DID I PUT THIS MONTH????? ok, not more than 10, but 8 not including thispost. BUT ITS A MIRACLE I EVER HAD SO MUCH TO POST ABOUT!!!

Life is definitely not interesting without computers, and i mean computers that can function efficiently!!!! not mine, in this case.

good gracious, ive ran out of things to type about now. when i thought of another, im goin to write it in my nxt post, so that i will have a break-record of 10 posts for this month!!!!!!!


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