Monday, February 20, 2006

Lesbian BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

OH YEAH~ Im too bored again to do anything, so im blogging. lalalala~~~

yesterday, while im boring away, i thought of an idea to kill time. SO, i mentioned it to my all-time-bored-buddy (newly found =D ) Tan Xin, "Sian~~~~~ Oh yar, honey, let's make a blog. A lesbian blog! We 2 do together. Hehehehe~ "

And so it begins the lesbian blog legacy. She introduced a new blogsite which, according to her is that she love the blogsite alot but has no time to make entry. So using my email, we make a new account and that's that.

The blogsite quite nice lar, got album site, introduction site, blogsite, guestbook site, wadever. They also offer skins, nice skins too, made by those very intelligent people. Unlike me, dun even know wad is java and html codey. =(

Here it is~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE SUPPORT THAT SITE!!!!!!! coz my honey, tan xin (girl), wans to make it popular, but i dunno why.
Thank you!!!!!!!!

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