Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I wanna change the skins.... of the blog. But how do I exactly change it, without knowing the html and the slicing? I've got the main design for the whole thing, but ... I heard that you need to slice it and blar blar blar. And whats with the html? I got no clues at all.

I just wanna get a whole new fresh look here, white and clean, not BLACK and dull. bleh.

Whatever~~ Im having a very slight headache. One that will come fast and go fast. I think my blood has something wrong, or my brain's the one that has the problems. Whenever I wake from my sleeping position, the headache comes, something like the inability to transfer (is this the right word? I think im feeling sleepy...) blood to the brain and will cause stroke. Weird~~

Oh yar, the main theme of this entry should be: SoreZore no Life.

The exact translation? Im not so sure either... I think it's everyone's life.

I get these weird feelings whenever I read about people's life on blog or internet or other sources, and not contraint to just read, knowing includes as well.

When you are sitting in front of your laptop, knowing how other people live their life... I feel insignificant. THe feeling "The world is sooooooo BIG". ANd all sorts of question comes into my head. EG: wad is the person living there doing? how is the life there? is the surrounding good? is there any huge news going on down there?
blar blar blar

really insginificant. and small.

somehow, I feel like Im the one wasting time reading other people's life while trying to compare mine and theirs and feel inferior and perhaps superior?

and this leads to another question: Is blogs meant for inferiority and speriority?

that's a stupid and lame question that no one in their right mind would think of, except my problematic head...

normally, if you think that your life is your own to hold, there's nothing wrong with other pppl reading it, and definitely there's no inferiority nor superiority.

unless, someone like me who feels terribly unconfident of her life and future...


somehow, i do not know how to continue this... forget it, this entry sux~ on to my history part

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