Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I like history.

THe past.

Because the past has been written, it cannot be changed and I can only accpet it.

While the future? Full of mystery and uncertainties, not my cup of tea.

Hence I hate future, and to me, my future is uncertain and not beautiful at all.

I admire the past and wished to know more about it, and do not know where to start from and how to touch it.

I borrowed a book from the library, about the History of Europe.

Very interesting. However... I do not understand half of what it was talking about, obviously telling me that I lacked the foundations to even read it.

I suppose if it is really true, I lack the foundations.

Europe's history is linked with the Middle East and well, jesus and whole lotsa things. What paleolithic, neolithic... Paleolithic is the time where ppl supposed to be the using of unpolished metals where hunters used, and neolithic is the time using polished and unchipped metal used for farming.

I wonder if I said correctly.

Oh and, something about Byzantine(is this how it's spelt?) period. Linked with Eastern Roman Empire. Not sure of the rest...

And the language used in Europe:
Greek in Roman Empire
and English

I onli know the first language used in the old Roman Empire, I cant remember the rest of the languages used in what empire.

WHy is there so many empire? I dunno...

And if i can get to university, probably I should study history? Haha, sounds like an impossible future full of aspirations when I can tell you that it's definitely a dream within a dream.

Besides that Europe's history boook, I have 3 more books "How to Draw" and "The photoshop CS2 Help DeskBook" and "Learning ActionScript 2.0". The first 2 books mentioned were borrowed, the last was bought.

Hope I can read them........ especially ACTIONSCRIPT, the nemesis of all animation students! ok fine, only my nemesis.

I read a phrase of word recently that said something about make the things that make u bitter better... Exact phrase is forgotten.

It was seen with the phrase of words I chose while in tuition last year "No one could predict to what height you can Soar. Even you will not know until you spread your wings."

It was motivating phrases.


Lost my interest in writing again, I guess Im cant grasp what im thinking into writing. I sux. My brain is full of cross wires whihc confused me whenever Im htinkin of things.........

I hate myself. and Im missing a whole lot of life. my life is meaningless. i should not be born and eat and compete food with those people who needed them MORE.

i sux

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