Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Love's Theory>

Love is Stupid.

If someone who is looking at this and is in love, he/she will say, "I bet this person never falls in love." (Somewhere along that line)

Oh yar, so Im gonna reply "Hell, you are so right! But havent you heard "Love blinds people"? You are now sooooo blinded that you can't even see where you are. Probably I am the only sane one who can expose teh lies of LOVE!"

Whatever... Forget what I write above, its bullshit. However, that is what I feel after watchin so many romance videos/manga: My name is Kim Sam Soon, Full House, Goong, Parfait Tic, Honey and Clover, Bokura ga Ita... (is there more? I cant remember... fuck) Anyway, let's begin my theory...

According to "My Name is Kim Sam Soon", when a person falls in love (from what i know, falling in love means your heart goes -awwwwww- and skips alot when looking at that person) the human brains produce some hormones which cause all that symptoms and it is also the same hormone (In female) that nurtures an embryo (hahaha, i've forgotten how to spell that initially so i got help from Huiying.. ahhahahaha). Btw, the hormoney htingy..... Im not sure if its really true but anyway let's just believe its true.

So concluding my previous paragraph, what Im tryin to say is that...... Love is actually caused by hormones.... Don't you feel it's a little fake here? Love is FAKE, F-A-K-E. ALso, in that drama, they pointed out that there isn't "eternal love", so otome-tachi! don't get yourself in love cause what you are dreaming doesnt exist anywhere. What you dreamed can only be in stories and novels. ANd if you truly believe in eternal love, sure there will be... Of course, it may or not happen to you in the end, but it's your choice in beliving and the faith...

Another point to prove that love is stupid...

IN this situation: You are the heroine, you love (i mean secretly admiring) this guy, Guy 1. However, Guy 1 has his own admirations with another girl and he doesnt notice you no matter what contract or promise you 2 are in. Too bad. However, the god pitites you and sent you a guy, Guy 2. Guy 2 likes you.

===> Guy 2 likes Heroine. Heroine likes Guy 1. Guy 1 likes Girl. Girl might like Guy 2 or just that Girl doesnt want to have any affliction with any guys...
*The ending is different depends on the original author. Read those titles I've given in the beginning if you wan to know what the ending is*

Typical storyline, eh? But this is the plot I've been looking at ever since my holiday started, in those Videos, Animes, and MANGAS!!!! So there you are, readiing my Love's Theory. You, now, could be thinking I've gone mad after reading and looking at those videos. Whatever you think, I still must write all these down for the theory!

Ok, where am I? Oh yar, the 4-side love. What I am trying to say is that, when you are the heroine and faced with such a situation.... It's better you take Guy 2 or stop beliving in love and deduce that it's all your body's system that is making you weird. Thats the truth of the world.

Besides... While you are living, you have many many many more to worry about, why make yourself even more burdened with ur love troubles?

... Fine, I sound like some1 who hates love... Oh and I admit that, coz it's stupid... =\ UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im mixing my frustrations in life with the love theory... forget it......

I'm running out of idea what I wanted to write in the beginning.... Sounds like the end of the post already...... SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!! WHAT WAS I GONNA WRITE???? Fine let me end ehre, I shall edit this post when I remembered what I wanted to write!


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