Saturday, August 05, 2006


i feel like bloggin coz i feel like it.

okay most of the projects are over.................................


the most most most porblematic problem has arose! the VIVA schedule.

I do NOT know why it is even called VIVA.... sounds like DIVA from that blood+ which is EVIL and nothing good can come out of it. WORST situation ever...

Monday 11.15 FCP Presentation (OSB + EDWARD [he seems like the silent type meaning no matter if you are good or bad, he will have the poker face. no offence though. that's how he is in my imagination]

Tuesday 3.00PM PP1 Presentaition ( F + Suresh [also duno hwo the hell he is...])

Conclusion: Dead. Two presetations in 2 consecutive day.

Side Note: i've to go for the speech day on tuesday too on aaaaa veryyyyyy early morning. like 7.45? which is considered early for me... =(

And why the fuck do we have DPM this week? Isn't it holiday already???????? Why WHy WHy"???

Oh and not to mention. piano probs? I really at my dead ends...

No solutions, I've to meet those oncoming problems straight on. Forgive me head!!!

Im so stress, (I think its stress)...

so saddddddddd


im gonna cry any time (not on the outside but i can clearly hear my heart tearng away.. painful!)

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