Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Oh wad the hell, seems like the "age-IST" post is onli 1 or 2 days old? That's so boring.

Well yeah, Im kinda bored. As in psychologically. Coz i do have ALOT of homeworkds, mind you, im not very free. BUt i dun feel like doing. COz... well coz i dun feel liek doing. It's neverending, but if i never do it, i will never be able to hand in. and i will need to stay up night and do it, which i dun wan, but i lazy to do!!!

for example, i need to do SCENARIES. drawings. and find pics of animals. and and and 10 sketches of how ur poster will looks like, and and the re-doing of my "cracked" and "flower" typography, and and e-card, and and IAC and possible the increased of comT.

So in short, i do not have time to spare, not in the least of even BLOGGING. and yet here i am, yes, blogging. how contradictin i am and how un-time-managing i sitll is. shit me.

i hate me


i love pandas

zen is using the pandas as advertisement, are they tryin to make me zen slave?

no no, i wun give in even though its PANDA!!

why is there a sudden influx of pandas on the tv when i announced to the whole world that i LOVE pandas?? WHY WHY WHY??

coz the world centre's around me?

yeah rite bullshit. im not like suzumiya haruhi in the least. even if i do hope for it...

i am mi, no 1 can makes me into someone else...

except myself... =(


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