Friday, March 31, 2006


yup, back from lumch end everything.

last day sux. why? i wanted to finish every task given to me by the end of the day. hence, i rushed, and there's still time left before 6pm. so... i have to find myself things to do, if not, the boss will find out that im playin games, and MIGHT retrieve back the cheque issued to me. of course, i will use all my power to stop him from doing that, and take my back with the cheuqe and rush to the door, press the button for the lift, and ride down.

gRrrRR... i should do something i like for a while before resumin back to work.

let's tok about my laptop. MacBook Pro. it costs $3000++++. A dent in my account book. I wanna cry over it. forget it. the thing is, something is botherin me. that is, if the lecturer = teacher, thinks that ive no talents in these area, and i have to drop the subject. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE STUPID LAPTOP? OR RATHER ME????/

1ST OF ALL, only MMA and films& media studies need Apple laptop, the others: Lenova, Dell or Acer.

And if i drop that subject, wad shall i do with the laptop? crush it? sell it? even if i sell, i wun get back that amount i paid for, its a lost. I hate that.

damn it.

anyways, let's look at MacBook Pro's beautiful stances. Its a beauty, i tell u.

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