Friday, March 31, 2006

LIfe is....>

Let's see... Today is Friday. THe last day of my working days in xxxxxx xxxx law xxxxxxxxxxx. Yes, a lot of X's. Im not goin to disclose wads the company's name is, fear of the copyright law. Yes, to me, even mentioning the name has to do with copyright law. That's how frightening copyright law is. *shudders*

And worst of all, Im writing now during working hours. I wonder if it's because today's the last day, that's why Ive got no work. ALmost. Anyways, im supposed to just sit here and type until my lunchtime. Im gonna go Macdonald, eat my fries and maybe IceMilo/COke wadever.

The thing is, Today Im supposed to last till 8. COz my piano is at 7pm. I left at 6pm (if punctually, that is), rush/walk/run to MRT across the street & pass trafffic light. RUn dwn the elevator (and god bless me dun fall and break my head), and take out my wallet (yes, multitasking), go to the money feeder gate, den wait for the train to come.

and hopefully, i arrive on time.

Anyways, I've ordered my notebook, why cant they call them laptop instead? Its apple brand. its.....

MacBook Pro

uh-oh. here comes work. blog later. if im given the time, =P

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