Thursday, December 01, 2005


Oh, im back. =)

Back from exactly, nowhere. Im still in 1 whole piece by the way, after the whole stress-level-increasing-in-a-potential-suicidal-state, and of coz without my brains. =)

And I promised to blog about the continuation of Project J (not exactly promise, but in a sense...) after CHemistry Papers if my brother isn't around to hug his percious computer all to himself. And dun get me wrong. He wasn't around when I came back (from my rotting stale memory as i can recall, not so crystal clear though).

You know, the normal gets-crazy-when-saw-computer-in-front-of-you-when-you-are-not-restricted-to-use-it-in-any-way attitude, ie. gets crazy over the computer.

And bad enough to say, from the start of the so-called-holiday-after-the-papers, i have done nothing on the list of my Project J. Sad thing... =( Im such an unorganised person (or was it disorganise? i cant make it out... My english is getting worst, seems like i really throw all language/knowledge out of my intellectual window...).

But really! REALLY! i Did plan to do it, like planning to get the website from my sensei to learn computer tricks (aka photoshop and web building and those kinda trival things, see, i dun wan to bother her about such small things.)Except that... SHe went overseas to Malaysia to her relatives' side (not exactly oversea if you consider the Straits of Malacca and the bridge aross it as a sea.)

ANd so, I waited for her to come back (while gloating over her misfortune for having slow speed =P) and I played MS. But anyway, I was playing it all along. It doesnt matter. I've forgotten clean about what I wanted to do or what I had original planned, ever since the seed of evil (aka MAple Story) stole my heart of enthusiasm away from me. Poor me... =(

And what I have achieved now? Let's see:

1: Learn Photoshop
Did nothing about learning them. Yar, I did some. Came to a few websites, draw some circles, and dun understand wad the heck they tokin about due to my poor non-werbal communication understanding. SO I gave up. PLay MS.

2: Change blogskin
I really really really really really reaally (to the power of nth times), wanted to change this blogskin. Im sicked of the pinkish pink, the song.... the cute cute puppy( or was it some other animals i dunno...) BUT DUN GET ME WRONG! I like this blogskin, if not, how would i even choose it in the first place? It's just that, you heard before -i suppose- that man needs new clothes every now and then (but not me, i dun need clothes, all i need is manga/animes/jappy songs/novels... it's just that i cant think of a better object to quote at, and im not sure if this is the RIGHT quote). Hence, it's also necessary for blogs to have alternative blogskins! It's to change the MOOD!

3: Translate chinese manga to ENglish. My ALL TIME WISH [FOR NOW].
OH *pfuit* -if someone remembers where it's from... Im crazy over IT right now, this instant!-
It seems that since I cant even fulfil my 1st task, I dun even bother thinking about the 2nd or the 3rd. Hence you know..... Down the drain, the toilet bowl, the sewage, the sea, the stomach of the fish, the human body. =)
BUt it will never ever go into the brain. IN my body system case, my bery brain is detached from my body. The brain exists as an INDIVIDUAL system. ANd about teh scientific methods of how it respires and excretes... I SHALL explain it SOMEDAY, when i could remember it, WHEN I HAVE TO MOOD TO BLOG, AND SO ON AND SO FORTH.

4: Translate Japanese Karin to chinese/english (preferably chinese). *It's gonna take many many hours to do this. I need to check dictionary and asks people. Keh! Never mind, I can learn Japanese from here. Wahhahahaahahhaa *


5: Download many many many manyyyyyy animes: (currect thought of)Rozen Maiden, SailorMoon Series(I MUST WATCH THE WHOLE OF THIS SERIES, NO MATTER WHAT!), ... Hell lotsa animes. But i cant remember what I wanted to watch before this term. =.= Alzheimer's disease getting me. (uh-oh)

*LOng BIg SigHHHHHHHHHhh,.......... * It's not like I dun wan to download the animes, it hard for me to even catch up the ongoing series now, what with: Bleach, Naruto, Prayers(its not coming out....... !!!!!!!!), Black Cat (Train looks happier now, though i ADORED his lonesome-cool-look

-take a break, take a look at godannar, take a koko-crunch- ;)

okay im back. before i continue to tok about my black cat-ey..... Let's discuss WHY i would rather watch Godannnar(broadcasting in arts central, rather than the kids central) den to tok about my fav. animations.

*sidetrack 1* IN the first place, I watched the first episode of GOdannar because i was lured to, or rather tricked. I was curious to find out what is the next series they were going to do after er, Inuyasha. Wait was it Inuyasha, or what? OH yar,... it was Peacemaker Kurogane. It slipped out of my mind. *thanx to my cousin ;) My friends are useless. You cant rely on them. You dun even see a single soul online, er, i mean, those anime-intellects, if you know wad i mean. =X BUT I DUN MEAN THAT THOSE WHO DUN *STUDY* ANIMES ARE... NON-INTELLECTS! They are just, not so enthusiastic as i do, and spend their time reading more beneficial books instead of daydreaming those handsome-charming-prince-rescuing-princess-whenever-she-is-in-danger in my free time, like i do.
Anyway, back to business, I was lured to watch GOdannar coz i was curious what new series they were goin to show us, and hence estimate arts central budget... =X (no offence though... is that an offence? ) And while I was there high-hoping of some nice hit anime, there came godannar.
My inital expression: *o*
In the middle of the commercial: ~o~
At the end of the show: ToT
They show.. big boobs swaying with the slightest imapact. Too bad my sensei didnt watch the 1st episode, you could really fall from a chair, literally. And hence, I continued to watch the series even though I was still in a state of shocked for the below reasons:

1) I do not, and never ever will, stop watching an anime half-way through. This is my principal (or was is principle?). You may never know, the series could get suddenly high peaked in the middle where you left it. ANd it's a waste not to watch it.

2)Support animes of whatsoever titles and genres, but make it possible to avoid pornography.

3)I think the boobs section is quite interesting, and I was thinking what more can the producer produces to make the anime more interesting, except for the booby-part.

*Sidetrack 2* Arts central 11.30pm show: Kimi ga nozomu eien.
i've watched it once, downloaded. ALl the episodes. AND i have some to brag about, since i watch the series once and... my sensei didnt. *evil grins* SHe felt sicked after watching the first 2 or 3 episodes. I hold my cool and tolerate the show (this phrase is weird... i think is the "cool" word...or is it the "hold"?).
I watched it, completed. Dun understand. Knows that the show is about sex, make love, organsms.(around there.) ANd I DUN UNDERSTAND WHY THE SHOW IS POPULAR, at least it seems to me it is ages ago. I think its popular because many ppl downloaded the songs, and the songs are nice, and there are quite alot of downloads and seeders for the torrent. Hence my conclusion.
And hell i Was disappointed. FUCK it.
ANd now they show it. I dunno. I watched the first 2 episodes, and i gave up middle in the 3rd part. Im not goin through the torment as i did last time. ANd.. they cut the making love scenes. But i would say that it was very bold of them not to cut the stripping clothes scenes since it was ARTS CENTRAL and not the KIDS CENTRAL which is showing it.

OKay back to my black catey.

........ Black Cat, (Train looks happier now, though i ADORED his lonesome-cool-look-when-he-was-wearing-the-black-coat-and-with-his-miserable-looking-face. I totally likes it. It rawks. Yet, he changed the clothes to some doughnut top. YUcks *pukes* It destroys the cool image I have for him. Good gracious lord! I know im a pervert in many sense, and i am also a sadist. My self-actualization. ) SHuffle!, (another alittle bit hentai show, but i love the each and every gurls stories. Except that, rin is no hunk, and his seiyuu is too matured. I would prefer a more crunchy and fresh guy. But i have no recommendations. =X ) JIgoku shoujo, (tricked by its cool and mysterious name and get hooked to it, and the episode is stucked in 2 ) Harukanaru toki no nakade (arhhhhhhhhh, long series. no long awaiting time. no groups have a faster version... and ive waiting it for..... 1 yr? ), Naruto ( can they please please please..... stop their own stories and get to the kakashi-side-story or the after-three-years story??? im sicked of waiting!!!), GUndam seed Destiny by haro haro and tori tori ( i want to burn them as a memorial such that gundam seed is better den gundam seed destiny.), Blood+ (I seriously have no comments for this anime. Im still neutral. I like the songs , op and ed, but ... the story... I still cant absorbed and get gaga over it. Too bad for sensei when she drools over her blood+ when i was in the reality dimension. ), Karin (YAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! I ONLI FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS STORY WHEN I SAW THE ANIME! AND GOD KNOWS THE MANGA TOTALLY ROCKS! I THANK GOD FOR THE BIRTH OF KAGESAKI YUNA!!! SHE MADE THIS STORY AND I GET TO ENJOY IT!! )

6: Download many many many manyyyyyy mangas: ... Cant thought of any now. Hana yori Dango maybe?

Ditto. NO time. Im donwloadin "sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu" drama. It takes forever to dl. Since i dun dl overnight, and the speed.. is SLOW LIKE A SLUG.

7: Listen to many manyyyyyyy japanese songs (It's illegal to download songs online. DOes it still work if it's japanese mp3? /. .\ )

It will never happen in my lifetime anymore. My brother disallow me to dl any, AND HE MEANS ANY, songs. Not even japanese. =( But diana says that they are only concerned about chinese and english songs, not about japanese. So we can still go mass-dl jap songs at the moment. BUt i totally freaked up. NOt to her. I checked up the laws recently, and they said that under the copyright law, no one is allowed to share files, dl files and anything else without the owners' permission. Even songs are inclueded. Not under this laws are: Methods, Ideas.. blar blar
WHICH MEANS!!!!! ANIMES ARE ALSO INCLUDED!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! I CANT LIVE WITHOUT ANIMES!!!~~~~~ NO WAY I AM TO GOIN TO SURVIVE WITHOUT THEMz!!!!!! NO~~~~~~~~ i want to migrate like those birds too, but i dun wan to be a carrier of the H5N1 virus, no way.

DIllemma im in.

8: Play MapleStory until I bored out and die. My passion has died out ever since hy said that "chiong until lvl 70 also no use mah. The skills not out yet." ... *faints* Hai~~ Mayb I should complete my FFX2? I havent touch that for a long long time. I havent even complete the game ONCE. NOT ONCE! Damn It! Geex, but i dun play other PS Games other than FFSaga. Im a frogggggg! =X

okay, i did the onli one thing in my list. and that's this. Yar, but still. Im onli lvl 39 now. and those pppl at the firboar keeps on ks-ing me, or just dun let me kill those flying fire pigs. Got fed up and turn to novels. ANd i annuonced earlier that i will stop playin MS for the sake of the computer programming, java scripts. It was all BULLSHIT. MS dissolve my RESOLVE!!! I HATE YOU MS!

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