Wednesday, December 28, 2005


the news just reported. why there was a delayed at the mrt station. it was an accident, the mrt station annoucned.

but of course, a man got hit by the mrt at 3.03 (?) at kallang mrt station. he's dead.

opps, i shouldnt said like it wasnt my business. except that i wasnt my business to care, but he caused the train to be delayed. but, i shouldnt blame him. coz, it might really be an ACCIDENT, he couldn't have commit suicide. or so, i think.

but the records in singapore said that, there;s every reason to believe that the deceased could be commiting suicide.

but i really shouldnt think like that. or i would be cursing my head off because of him, and i dun wan to do that. im feeling sorry that he died, but if he commit suicide there, and cause mi to return home in a taxi, i would have blame him and scold him.

it;s contradicting. i dunno. it sux when a person die from a mrt station. it doesnt feel right. he's dead now. dead. mayb he will come alive in the hospital suddenly?

who am i kidding? even the taxi driver said that it was another suicidal attempt.

yar, im kidding myself.

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