Friday, December 02, 2005


It was a long post , the previous one. SInce, clearly, i have been keeping on these inner-thoughts to myself.

In these few short days, I was captivated by the world of MEg Cabot's books. You know how wonderful her hands are made into. Hence, giving us shojous the perfert dreamy world we all longed into. Yes, romance. Teenage romance. PURE teenage romance.
I couldn't stand the temptation of "ALl american Girl" lying there, and i devoured it within a day. Yeah~~ NICE NICE VIBES OF youthfulness filled me.

I love David/Daryl. Im going to name my son David/Daryl, IF I EVER HAVE ONE. (coz im not getting married, and enslaved to man. Guys are ALL sexually interested. They always think about SEX. It true, after so many books Ive read, and a few documentaries Ive watched. It gruesome. Sex, that is. I cant imagine it when those people said that sex is the most pleasurable things to enjoy in this world. WHy cant they think about rape, when they said such things?)

So, I won't get married. But I can adopt a son. So his name is David/Daryl. Except that, Im not sure which to choose. Daryl is quite a nice name, but it sounds like those weak guys in novels always being pushed around. (but of course im not saying that Daryl is always a weakling. If my son is goin to be called Daryl, he won't be a weakling coz ive made up my mind that Daryl is a hunk and stong male with no overactive hormones that wans sex everytime. )

Anyway,I wanted to say that, I fall in love with romance book. AGAIN. I picked it up, and swore not to let it go again, not unless the passion dies down.

ANd now, Im crazy over The princess diaries. The 6th book is ... damn expensive. N it could be borrowed in the library, except that, it is ALWAYS ON LOANED. I guess I have to try my luck in Bedok Library tml. *sigHHHHHHHHh*

Oh yar, I wanted to read the memoirs of a geisha too. But the library doesnt have it. Or mayb the year is wronged. Im not sure. Mayb they republished it? (NVM me, i dun htink any1 will understnad wad im thinkin now. Its my ... inner-thoughts

ANd since we are on the topic of MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. its gonna be made into a movie. Something that is decided last yr or teh start of this year. ANywayz, it is to be shown on 23 Dec 2005. MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! BUt it is only screened on 23 Dec 2005 in USA, which is 24 DEc 2005 in SIngapore by that time. WHOSE GONNA SPONSOR ME TO GO TO USA AND LET ME WATCH MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA????? Yar, rite. Like anyone's gonna sponsored such an expensive package, without even going to DIsneyland. *Pfuit!*

Oh, and im not trying to hint about my birthday. Every1 knows about my birthday date. At least, those around me, close to me, recognise me, sees me, and knows me. ANd at this age, nearly 16th, Im very very matured. In my own sense. I dun think birthday party suits me anymore. Its lame. TO ME. but i like ppl to have their birthday party, and let me participate. Just that, i dun wan the main character to fall on me. No birthday ger such thing. Ive played enuogh of the birthday girl in my early age. Now that i think about it, its quite embarrassing when you want ur mother to have a miniature bdae party with juz a few ppl. ( i guess that the reason i dun wan anymore parties for me. It makes me recalled embarassing moments)

I think im inspired by MIa. god damn it. Her superb diary-writing skills. Ive never written 2 posts (and intended another 1) in 1 go. SHe is damn influential! MEg cabot, i love you~~~~~!!!!!!! =X

Just that, mia P.O.G, is writing in her diary with her hands. Me, blogging, with my fingers on the keyboard. That's the difference.

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