Friday, December 02, 2005


I found a job. Or rather, the job found me.

My aunt asked me to help out in her selling books store. COol, ive always wanted to try out in selling books. It looks fun. That is, what i thought before ileft the house today.

I was thinkin of playin for the whole of vacation. My mother didnt let me. At least, for a while. ANd..... On my ah ma's bdae, with my mangas and all. My aunt told me to try out at her place.

Okay fine. It sounds fun anyway. Btw, i would also like to try out cleaning toilets if i ever had a choice. not for too long like 1 month. 1 week is enough experience for me. The satisfation you get after cleaning a revolting-stench-producing-male-toilet (im a sexist. i will assume all negative points to do with the males) and the sparkling clean scenario that gives off sweet scent after you cleaned it up..... the feelings is enormous!

Yar, im a weirdo. FInding a job like cleaning toilets.... Mayb i should try out at chuangyi comics and find out what tthey really do, and try to steal some receipes. except that they dun have any receipes... just experience for me. =( but its better den nothing.

HOwever, they have no plans of hiring ANY1. AND CERTAINLY NOT SOMEONE WHO ISN'T EVEN 16 YRS ODL!

selling books are fun, but sometimes, its boring too. nothing to do there when there's no customers. Stare at the teachers eating buffet is not 1 way to kill ur boredom. no way. its just so unfair we get to watch them EAT, and they get to watch us DROOLING

LIfe is totally unfair.

i need to get up really early and take the mrt to bedok station, and on to bedok green primary school. there. the security guards there are nice, compared to our school...... *Pfuit*

And that's why LIFE IS TOTALLY UNFAIR. with no macdonalds. they dun allow me to eat fries. they wan mi to eat proper meal (asia definition of proper meal: rice or noodles but not fries. wads the difference? you get the carbohydrates in ur body anyway! its the tastes that is difference! since in goin to get my carbohydtate inthe end, let me enjoy the taste, for i may not be here tml as i could be rotting under the ground!)

That's all. im tired. and sleepy. tml ... 6 am wake up? i dunno. better not do wrong calculations. i could kill people with the state of mind im inwhen im sleepy. they will juz call the police and get me arrested.

ps. i heard some little gers (i suppose) are singing on the bus when i rode home. Its rare for ppl to even sing in the bus. and dun get shock when you hear wad they sang. it's:
okay shitz, i cant remember the lyrics coz im too tired.

anycase, its a singapore song: like those "we are singapore, we are singpaore, we will stand together hear the lion roar...."

im so suuuuuuure that htose girls are gonna grow up and be a policewoman or anywho that will contributes to singapore. but not me. im not a patriot, so im doomed to fail in my life. i have nothing to really GREAT TO boost about. NOTHING AT ALL. NOT A SINGLE TALENT. all are average. *sighhhhhhh...... *

sleep time, peeps. i dun mind getting wrinkles all that (for the time being), but im afraid of calculate the wrong amount to ppl and they wanted to beat me up coz i give them the wrong money, ..... or get killed by my aunt... =(

so much so for society's experiecne. all i get is fear. =(

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