Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Did I said that I didnt want to blog until I've had a WHOLE NEW BLOGSKIN? or was it that i said that I won't blog about my bdae and the celebration of hy's ?

In any CASES, I need to blog about it.

WHich is what happened today, although it's not any surprising or out-of-sudden thing.

OKay, It's surprising AND out-of-sudden.

I was on my way home from my work in Bedok. So I had this little "premonition" that I really wanted to take the taxi. (It's not exactly premonition, i guess it's my laziness on the act. )

However, the perseverence to save money took over my pathetic laziness. Of course anyone would've think twice, no thrice, or fries, (forgive me, coz i do not know wads the english for the fourth times and the fifth and so on. T.T ) if he or she is taking the return trip from BEDOK all the way to BOON LAY.

Do you know how much time is spent on the mrt than walking? Well, I didn't exactly calculate how much time, but it's almost 1hr, including the waiting for bus, for mrt, the walking time and so on, from my house to the destination.

OKay, back to the topic. I was on my way home, from bedok of course. Then the premonition take place, except that i waved goodbye to it coz i wan to save money.
Except that, when i reach the control system... They announced that there is, opps i mean WAS, an accident ahead and the trains will be delayed for 45 mins blar blar.

ANd without knowing what to do, i tapped my ez-link card to the "feeder", and i was in to through the "gate", like what other people was doing even though they heard the announcement. Stupid me, no assertiveness. FOllow the people like a sheep, i should be like a sheep. Curses! NO mind of my own!

Of course, I rode the escalator and found people crowding, which of course scares me. I hate the crowds, it made mi nervous. So i walked on, in search of my nirvana with the least people standing.

Of course, the announcement rang again, I kept wondering if I should go back and take the escalator, take a taxi and go home. Except that I looked around for other people's reaction. Some were already riding the escalator down, which was the minority. The MAJORITY stood still, it seemed as if nothing could budge them. I tried to gain more confidence by looking at the screen above, which shows the schedule time, and it informed us that the train will not be going from aljunied to boon lay. (i cant remember wads the exact word.) One thing led to the another, I was thought to believe that the train will bypass the stations between aljunied and boon lay, and that there was an emergency line of which the train could travel. Of course, that was my wishful thinking and that it wasn't even in the least possible. Iwas desperate, praying too hard for a miracle, and that the miracle was the WAY OF MY THINKING, which is irrational and illogical now that I thought about it.

The train came, and I though miracles do happened, which is a fraud. I was on the train, settled on a seat, and took out my reader's digest. I've learned a lesson that on a train, if ur destination is far far far away, and you are all alone in the train, you should always have something to do. For me, a book. If you dont have a book, and IF you are travelling from boon lay to bedok for a 1hr journey, you will most likely be trying to avert eye contact with any person on the train. You know, it's cramped with people in the train, and when you got nothing to do, you will be like, stare at them or their clothes, their demeanor... Which is kinda lame, and EMBARASSING.

Okay, enough of my ethics on the TRAIN, tok about wad happened next. The train moved on and kept on replaying the recorded message: the train will be delayed blar blar... but those people in the train didnt even budge, i did the same. except that, it was getting on tedious to act nonchalent about it, coz the train stops at eunos for a long long LONG time, before it closed its door and keep on moving. Then one woman across me rang her affliates, husband or brother or friends, whichever was it. And i overheard the conversation, her part of it, and i think everyone else was listening too. She said that the mrt had some probs, some accidents, and blar blar, yar come picked me up at aljunied and let's go to raffles together. Or maybe somewhere in the CBD area. SO, I PANICKED. WHAT SHOULD I DO????? Im clearly easily influenced by the action of 1 people, ON THE TRAIN.

I calmed myself and the train continued to move. I get back to my reader's digest january edition, on a story about haunting or rather ghosts. I shuddered and shivered. Was it the story about ghosts, or about the near future of me stranded in remote places of singapore which i have clearly never took a step into? Whichever reason causes it, im not sure.

I couldnt take it anymore and i phoned my mom, since she is more experienced that i am (i hoped) before the train stopped at aljunied. I told her about the accident, and everything, and i told her i wanted to take a taxi. and then...

the train stopped at aljunied, the announcement rang. This time, not about delaying, but aboiut thefact that the train is TERMINATING at aljunied, ALL PASSENGERS are to alight at alijunied mrt. OMFG, was my reaction. i dun wan to stop at aljunied, it;s a very ... old place, to me. I was there a few times with my mom to patronise a so-called-vegetarian-restaurant (but not a high-class 1 if u asked me, coz there's aircon but there's no waitress, and it's self-service. now that i think about it, i've never been to to a REAL restaurant being waited, which is pathetic.). We've been there by the mrt onli ONCE. ONCE!!!!!! and i dun like the place, its just doesnt suit me.

my mom told me that i should grab something to eat since i was there, like it was,you know, a twist of fate, and that i was DESTINIED to stop at aljunied so that i could buy the food. WHich made me pissed of. i had to buy food juz because i was forced to stop at that place? who are u kidding? anyway, i did wad she told, coz i need to plan on wad to do next. i cant be like, stand idlely at the control station and think of my next step, which is soooooo uncool (<=== this is not the main reason, it's a side reason. ) and i would be bumped by the influx of more passengers unloaded by the mrt. i couldnt just stay there and do nothing. I MUST DO SOMETHING. so i heeded my mom's so-called-advice, and i ordered 2 take-outs with me. i had the conclusion that it was going to take a long time, and by the time i came out with my food, the train would be all ready to go. (yes, i was cursing the damn train, causing my DELAY to my home sweet home)

except that the world isnt a beautiful place where all wishes would come true. the train still didnt budge. and, i decided to take taxi, but of course IF i can ever hail 1. which is impossible, since almost all passengers wanted to take the taxi to their destinations. i walked on and on, and decided to on call 1. my 1st ever experience to on-call a taxi. i dunno where i was, i dunno the road name, and all i know is, im near the aljunied mrt station. and worst of all, it was drizzling, not really a heavy drizzle, juz some droplets of rain.

the call ended, and i was left to wonder, where the hell is the taxi stand? i could see a bus-stop, since all the free shuttles are working, and i dunno where they took the passengers to, not to mars i hoped. And i really regretted not telling the girl behind the phone (and the on-called line was relly busy, god knows why, and i think i know why. the mrt.) that i should wait at the bus-stop. While i was in my regretment (is there such a word? heck care.), i was reciting the vehicle no. under my breathe and decided to walk around the station in search of the holy "taxi-stand". and here goes the train, it moved. OMFG. yeah rite, the train moved, it is budging, and it's too late for me to cancel my on-called, which took pains to realise.

oh well, i dun care the train anymore, i concentrated on my taxi-stand. i walk up to the bus-stop, and there... i saw someone who looks like ms chiang, my form teacher, looking innocently in my direction, and i dun think she's lookin at me. IS SHE MS CHIANG, AND IF SHE IS, WHAT THE EHLL IS SHE DOING IN A DAMN PLACE HERE? i wondered. yar, and she's still looking innocently at my direction. i dun think she recognised me, since i was wearing an orange uniform my aunt gave, and the fact that she could not be even ms chiang, but... the innocent look really look like her. bleh

i took a run, and went sideway before reaching her, and i walked around the station look for a taxi stand. sometimes runnning, sometimes walking, with my food, and people, and... alot of buses.

I got 1 round before decided to ask the ppl there. The ones with purples uniform? the mrt operators bah. But somehow, 1 guy juz ignored me, and i was forced to talk to the blue guy, whihc im not sure if he was an operator or not, but he look kinda superior. i tried my luck. he told me that there wasn't a taxi-stand, not that he knew of it, and my handphone rang. the taxi driver called.

im glad he called, or else i will still be running in circles lookin for the damn taxi stand. but den, it striked me, how did he get my hp no.? easy, the ger behind the phone told her. and, it striked me again. ms chiang not there liao. or rather, the-woman-who-look-like-ms-chiang isnt there anymore. gd.

and finally, i took off from where i was and i am back home, in my lair of comfort. =)

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