Sunday, December 25, 2005


1st of all, Merry Christmas. =)

I've told alot of people, I dun celebrate Christmas, and it's true. I don't celebrate it. But then, the festive mood does really seeps into you. I just feel happy, and I dunno why. It just makes you smile, with no particular reason at all.
I guess that's what people call chissana shiawase ka?
It's a wonder how a mood can lift up your spirits... =)

I wonder, if it's the song that I'm listening to, or the completion of Tenjou Tenge, the upcoming air tv, the watching of blood+, the watching of the last episode of Hana Yori Dango that lifts up my spirit. Anyway, It doesn't matter, I'm happy and that's what it matter!

Oh yeah, I've just turned 16 two days ago. Too bad there isn't any NC16 movie to celebrate with my bdae... T_T

Im gonna blog about how i celebrate my bdae, hy's bdae, ... and... im not sure, AFTER i changed the blogskin. *nods nods* I can't give anymore excuses!!!

... School's reopening soon. Devil is coming, not Santa Claus.

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