Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Planning of Project J>

Project J

Project D, aka Project Japanese. This is a project founded by: ME, organised by: ME, sponsor by: ME, managed by: ME, ... I don't think I have to go on, I think everyone understands, it's all me.

Project D is to be initiated at the end of Chemistry Exams on Friday 18/11/2005, straight after I come home, and able to fully utilise the computer. That is to say, my brother is not at home. =(

Project D... The name has the impact, I hope the things I shall do will also have the impact!!!!! On me, of course

Venue: Internet WOrld
Bring: NOthing

I,'s owners, hereby pledge that I will, must, definitely, start Project D no matter what happens!!!!!!!!


All right, now to explain what the hell Project D is.

First of ALl, Project D was started to entertain and enrich me in the December Vacation.

1: Learn photoshop, and do a layout by myself [hopefully to make a layout of karin-sama.... or lacus-sama~~~~~~] Im gonna find a teacher and ask her to teach me. Preferable teacher: Senyuki. *Oh! If you sees this, dun run away. =P I wun let you run away. Im gonna bug and buggggggggg bug until you teach me all the necessary stuffs. WAhahahahaha *

2: Change blogskin.

3: Translate chinese manga to ENglish. My ALL TIME WISH [FOR NOW].

4: Translate Japanese Karin to chinese/english (preferably chinese). *It's gonna take many many hours to do this. I need to check dictionary and asks people. Keh! Never mind, I can learn Japanese from here. Wahhahahaahahhaa *

5: Download many many many manyyyyyy animes: (currect thought of)Rozen Maiden, SailorMoon Series(I MUST WATCH THE WHOLE OF THIS SERIES, NO MATTER WHAT!), ... Hell lotsa animes. But i cant remember what I wanted to watch before this term. =.= Alzheimer's disease getting me. (uh-oh)

6: Download many many many manyyyyyy mangas: ... Cant thought of any now. Hana yori Dango maybe?

7: Listen to many manyyyyyyy japanese songs (It's illegal to download songs online. DOes it still work if it's japanese mp3? /. .\ )

8: Play MapleStory until I bored out and die. My passion has died out ever since hy said that "chiong until lvl 70 also no use mah. The skills not out yet." ... *faints* Hai~~ Mayb I should complete my FFX2? I havent touch that for a long long time. I havent even complete the game ONCE. NOT ONCE! Damn It! Geex, but i dun play other PS Games other than FFSaga. Im a frogggggg! =X

9: Erm..... hmMMMMMMM~~~~~~ EHXXXxxxxxxx...... DUnno liao lar. Run out of ideas. Or rather, Im stinking now. I needa get to bath. Im uncomfortable from top to heel. *PUkes*

SOre JyaA~ Buai BUai...

See myself on Friday then... WAHHAHAA

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