Friday, August 12, 2005


OH MY gOdzZ!!! I cant believe it....!!! I got an A1 for my CHINESE O LEVEL?? IS THAT FOR REAL?? *blink blink* ...

Oh well, I can't reconfirm if I really get it. But anyway, It was really beyong my imagination. I got all depress because of my oral that time, that I really went into depression, literally. But, it seems, I was right afterall. My Chinese Oral results definitely sucks. Merit. *bleH* Stupid fucking mouth. Stupid fucking urine.

Now I'm blaming my urine (please dun get all gross-looked face). If I didn't drink that whole plastic bottle of jasmine green tea, I won't be holding that amount of liquid within my bladder for at least 3 hrs, and cause my mouth and brain to get all shocked when they said "superstarsZ". Urine Makes Wonder.

And I still remember how frustrated and irritated I was today's morning. I had mentally + physically prepared to re-take my chinese. This proves the almighty GoDz do really exist!!! *blinkey blinkey* But I wonder, if this is all a dream? When I wake up, ... =( I never got to check the paper, im getting anxious... =(

I shall erase all uncertainties now, and enjoy this wonderful dream... *flies* It seems I secure (?) an A... English is my next next next enemy... *ScreAmS* Why IS there English???????? WHy WhY? My english always, well basically almost everytime, faIls!!! When can I get a rest???

I want to play games!!! GAMES!!! FINAL FANTASY!!! MAPLE STORY!!! WHATEVER!!! BUt ive deleted maple story liao... =(

and to make things worse out of worst, I got a piano practical exam next thursday, 18/8 ... DaMn It!! it seems that exam will never ever be over!!! And I have yet to perfect my 3rd selected piece and my Aural... (or was it Oral?? cant remember the name).. My singing sucks. I will just be embarassing myself down there!

It seems as if whenever a setback came, or rather a failure, one will tend to push the blame to others. Well, I think it is okay to do that. =). Why? Coz if we don't, we will just be harder on ourself, and we can't move on, not from that spot. And nothing will happen if we just stand there, blaming ourself. However, it is not healthy to be always pushing the blame. One will be unrealistic when one refuses to admit his wrongs. And he can't grow and learn from the mistake. This is how the world works I think.

One more surprise for myself. I spent the time yesterday for my studying for Combine Humanitites Mock Exam, to search for *ahem* pictures. =) I won't mention his name. His own picture that he had took a lot of effort (i think) to conceal, and I was determined to dig out him. After several attempts, I finally found it!!! *whistles* Well, I won't post his classics here, but anyway, it was fun to find out. HaHAz =D

Lastly, I hope I can start studying. My physics, English, a Lil of Chemistry, Biology, and definitely Social Studies. WHat have I left out?

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