Thursday, August 11, 2005

O Level English Oral>

Well, today's the big big day. Had the Oral today. :( I won't say that I did very good, but at least I didn't stumble like I did when I went for the Chinese Oral.

At least we didn't get back the chinese results today, which I considered as a consolence. At least I could concentrate on the oral, rather than the idea of having re-test... T.T

Well, from what I remember, I said 'durian fruit' and 'curry puff party' for the picture description. Hey, the teachers said to say whatever we liked. So, without any hesistation, I just blabbered it out. The heck care with relations!! If I dun say it out, I might get mouth constipation and I won't be able to think properly, and thus, my oral will be the same like the chinese. Which of course, I would rather die than to let it happen AGAIN!

One thing to note from the examiners, the 'rather intelligent-and-experienced teacher on my left was very spontaneous. While the young-and-looking-serenade teacher on my right was... quiet. I get the chill when I looked at her. Bad experience, and it seems as if I could only get the attention of the 1st teacher. /. .

I might get too despondent tomorrow, what with the social studies and geography mock exams, and... the release of the chinese results. And i might not be able to blog... ~.~ whatever le lar!! at least i feel some freedom in writing, and the openess from my heart to be truthful to myself.

I realise that when one is truthful to oneself, the ability to be open-hearted is very wide. (not sure if i make sense here, oh well...)

I think I sprained my still-healing left ankle again. It bloated up a little. I was prepared to run tomorrow ( i mean pe.), looks like... I will still run slowly. =)Ms Agnes(strange surname ... >.<) had been, I think, pissed off at me for just sitting down at the bench looking at the scenary... It's just a hunch, my my premonition is somehow accurate, so it would be best if I could just get my ass up and exercise...

sore jya, needa rush off and finish social studies remaining chapters and the yet-to-be-touched geography textbook... =(

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