Friday, August 26, 2005

ラクス様 ー Lacus-sama>

ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス ラクス !!!!


I love Lacus. Her speech in GSD 44 sparked me off, I'm all hers. I am her slave now, forever. =)

I'm not supposed to post this picture here, but oh well... I love this pic sooo~~~ much that I need to share it in the blog!

This avatar is taken from here I did a little sharpening to make it look... SHarP! =D 赦してくれ~~

Hell of a day, combined humanities Prelims... Wonder why we have an earlier prelim than any other NORMAL school? Coz the principal wanted us to have more time to study for out O levels, if we did badly or did not. ANyway, I appreciate her forward-looking (?). But Im stressed out. I've been having headache since yesterday, and the only reason I could dig out is the stuffing of geography and social studies stuffs inside my head for juz 1 day. =(

Worst off, we will be having physics and chemistry paper 2 next week!!! Im shitty fucked up. Yet, I've not touch my books. I've been dreaming all day(not sleeping), watching animations and adoring the sky.... (bLuE bLuE SKy~~~)

That was when I watched Gundam Seed Destiny Episode 44. Most anticipating episode I've ever wanted!~~ The clashes of 2 Lacus. WooOhHooo~!~~~ Off course, our real Lacus won the speech war. Mia Campbell was left speechless, and I felt sympathetic for her... since she's gonna be disposed by the eVillIsh Dullindal Gilbert. 可哀想. =(

Downloaded Mahou sensei Negima 24~26. Completed except Epi 23, no fansub groups did that. Anyway, a heart-throbbing and emotionally-driven ending. Never expected Asuna is acquinted with the Thousand Masters (or Nagi Springfield, Negi Springfield's father.... Nagi and Negi... lOLx)Anyway, Nagi kinda got hurt and he disappeared... Gotta find out from the manga what really happened to him, which means 3 more months before I really allowed myself to touch those sacred books... ~~~ 頑張れましょう!!! There seems to be a black-haired boy, same height and supposedly same age as Neji, in the manga. Really wanna find out~~~~~~!!! ArGh!~~

personal part:

私を憎しみ 嫌いってとしても、平気になる。もう 気になる事はしない。大丈夫だから。

I know my jap sux, but I managed to express my feeling to the best. Oh well~~

It doesn't really matter anymore. Afterall, I don't wish to know anything about this world, the complext feelings, the ugly side of humans. It's better not to see. I am running away, but I don't mind. In time to come, I might be able to face such feeling. It doesn't matter. 本当に。

And Ive to apologise. Im sorry... to whoever wants the apology. =) There are many whom Ive offended, but I never did remember who it was, and I never say it. Thus, here is my sincere apologies, accept it or not is ur choice. この言葉は無駄じゃない。

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