Monday, August 08, 2005


damn long piece of shit shitted here.

Today is National Day's Eve. Tomorrow is National Day! And that means
HOLIDAYS!!!! We won't have school til Thursday!~~ YeaH~
Weird thing though, this is the most boring National Day I ever had in
my Secondary Life. Must be because of the humidity in the morning, or did I
wake up too early??

I'm a traitor. Not a patriot. Im leaving the country if I ever had a
change. WHy? cOz there is no Four Seasons here, no SUmmer, no Spring, No
Autumn, NO WINTER!! NO SNOW??!!! I wan SnoW!!!~~

Tokin about Patriotism, Japan is one country that really showed that. I had watched "Hiroshima Part I" on Sunday 7.30. It was rather depressing and... somehow I feel sympathetic.

As everyone knows, hiroshima was bombed with the first atomic bomb by the Americans during World War II. Let's just not talk about who was right, who was wrong. The fact is, the atomic was plunged and killed many many people. On 5th August 19?? (sry for my lack of information), Ernola Gay was dropped. That atomic bomb gave out a flash of white light, and heated everything beneath up up to 4000 degress (as what I have heard of...), after that a force of heat will spread to the surroundings. People directly under the bomb vanished, black markings remains where they were.

During WWII, all Japaneses, females; old; young; (i think) were trained to defend their own country and were prepared to sacrifice themselves for the country. There were also suicide bombers soldiers. They were trained to plunge themselves to the enemies' tanks when commanded, and trigger the bomb.

I hadn't see this kinda patriotism in my whole life, except in manga. And I thought, those mangas were just exaggerating and lies were hidden beneath. Looks like I am wrong, hellda WRONG!

I am going to watch the Part II again, a nice documentaries. Especially to a traitor to me... D=

Coming back to the reality, I am here sitting in front of the computer, typing furiously to my blog. And if I seem oblivion, I apologise. But, I do know the truth that "O" levels are coming, and my death is nearing. The day right after the last day of out National Day holiday, will be out English Orals... And to worsen things, we have our Chinese O level results revealed that day. GOodness me, they are really killing 2 birds with a stone. Crash my confidence and secured my failure in the English oral.

Dead, I am...

ANd now, I am left with nothing but a pile of troubles and miseries. Only songs can save me from the devilish abyss of SchOoL...
作詞:AlAi 作曲:アッチョリケ 編曲:鈴木マサキ 唄:YURIA


零れる微熱 高鳴る鼓動
一度気付いた 消せない想い




優しい台詞 それだけで






Lyrics: AlAi Compose: Acchorike Arrange: Masaki Suzuki Vocal: YURIA
mune ni daku kimi eno kotoba
itsuka tsutaetai na

koboreru binetsu, takanaru kodou
hajimari wa wakaranai kedo
ichido kidzuita, kesenai omoi
uso niwa mou dekinai kara

deaeta no ga arifureta guuzen dato shitemo
tokubetsu na imi wo kanjiteru

kimi no soba ni irareru koto wo
itsumo kamisama ni kansha desu
mayoi no nai kimi no yokogao
zutto nagameteitai

kimi to futari sugosu jikan ga
yuruginai chikara wo kureru yo
fui ni ukabu kimi eno kotoba
itsuka tsutaetai na

wazuka ni fureru atatakai yubi
yasashii serifu, sore dake de
yume no tsudzuki wo miteiru you na
fushigi na kimochi ni nareru yo

moshimo itsu no hi ka otagai wo miushinattemo
mata nando demo meguriaeru

kimi no taisetsu na omoide ni
douka watashi mo imasu you ni
mita koto nai kimi no sekai wo
motto wakete hoshii

kimi ga negau koto no subete wo
amasu koto naku kanaetei yo
shinjirareru kimi no tame nara
nanni demo kawareru

--sore wa iromeku hana no youni
tooku sakihokoru monogatari
kesshite kie wa shinai neiro ga
kaze ni nosete hibiku--

kimi to futari sugosu jikan ga
yuruginai chikara wo kureru yo
inori komeru kimi eno kotoba
fukaku todoku you ni

Lyrics: AlAi Compose: Acchorike Arrange: Masaki Suzuki Vocal: YURIA
These words I hold for you within my heart,
I hold I can tell them to you someday.

Almost feverish as my heart beat faster,
I had no idea what that feeling was at first.
But once I realized it, I can no longer erase my feelings.
I can no longer lie to myself.

Even if meeting you was just a trite accident,
I can sense a special meaning to it.

I give my thanks to god everyday,
For letting me stay beside you.
I want to keep looking at you from your side,
Your profile is always without a trace of hesitation.

The time I spent alone with you,
Gives me unwavering strength.
Unknowingly these words for you came to my mind,
I hope I can tell them to you someday.

A slight touch of your warm fingers
And some words of kindness were all it took.
Almost like watching a dream's continuation,
These strange feelings form within me.

Even if we ever lose sight of each other one day,
We will surely meet again no matter what.

I pray that I'm in your precious memories.
I've never seen before the world you are from,
But I want to know more about it.

I want to grant you everything that you wish for,
And not a single bit less.
I trust you with my heart,
For you, I will change myself into anything.

--Like the colorful flowers,
A story is blooming far away.
The colors that will never disappear,
Ride on the wind and resound--

The time I spent alone with you,
Gives me the strength to support me.
These words filled with prayers for you,
I hope they reach deep into your heart.


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