Monday, August 01, 2005


Blogging again. Nothing special happened today. Just that I saw a dead bird(i think it is dead) lying, or rather sitting, in the middle of the road.

I was hoping to get a glance and sit down at "Edo Sushi" today, eating the Japanese food. Shu Jun and me were going to have our a/maths tuition at 3.30pm and since the sch ends at 2.00om, why not? Damn the bus, waiting to rot there talking about Destiny's and Strike Freedom's wings. Finally the bus came.

We reached the destination almost at 3.00pm, and we were told that it will be closing. After all that preparations for eating a good meal and looking at the delicious menu? It was hell. Anyway, I get to eat MacDonald's... YeaH~~

The new tuition centre has a super antique lift, which has been there ever since I was 5 (and im 15/16 now). It is not about how old it looks or the desire for new things. The lift was old, ancient, primitive and most of all slow and warm. It can take 1 minutes to reach the 3rd floor. Standing in the warm and slow lift for a whole minute? You'll be cooked before you are out. And what if the lift broke down? 3RD FLOOR, mind you. I can get to the 3rd floor within seconds, but the staircase is eerie (bad for health in this sEaSonN). They should really change it, if they have budget. =(

Government is imposing the banning of smoking in public areas by nxt year July. "YEahHH!!~~", for non-smokers. "WHAt The HELl?? I WIll Die wiThout CiGaretTes!! FuCK**** !#$%^&*", (supposedly) for smokers. It's a good thing for non-smokers and the people. Singapore will have more old people nxt time, since we dun die of second-hand smoking and lung cancer and not blamed for air pollution, and perhaps have more money since we dun spent on CigarettesS.

The kopitiam would have had the worst-off scenario. No people would go there and take a puFF or PufFS. They will go and eat curry PuFFs.

Do I sound sacarstic??? Oh well, can't change, a habit. And i dun wish to change.

When will I be studying instead of doing blogging and watching animes? PatheTic LiFe. It seems as if the more people are asking me to do, the more I will not do and will shirk the responsibility. Even though I know of the consequences, my hand will never work. Is this what Procrastination is? Wonder why people invent such word. If not for them, there would be no procrastination in this fucking world. =(

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